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"I'm Getting Used to Living Without You"

The Color Study's latest single preps Scott Oliphant for success on his upcoming record

The Color Study is the one-man creative project of Bend-based Scott Oliphant. Oliphant's voice possesses a light and dream-like sort of tone, making it easy to listen to and digest –which is a rather endearing quality for vocalists to have.

"I'm Getting Used to Living Without You"
The Color Study's Scott Oliphant is pickin' and a grinnin' through his one-man project.

According to The Color Study's bio, the birth of this new music was a bumpy ride: Oliphant's relationship ended, he moved out of his house, bought an old veterinarian office and turned it into a studio.

"It was an incredibly tough time," Oliphant says of that transitioning period. "I was living in my recording studio while trying to figure out which end was up. I threw myself into making something instead of passing the time doing what I was doing, which was not very productive or healthy."

The work done in that studio/home are all culminating toward the release of The Color Study's self-titled debut album. The first single off the record, called "Without," just premiered on OPB on May 30. That gem runs for just under five minutes but is an absolute breeze to listen to. "Without" is a smart blend of folk, pop, indie and psych rock with a ringing chorus and powerful closing seconds that allow the listener to really embrace the entire song.

"I wrote this song after a few months of just feeling totally lost," says Oliphant. "One day, I became aware of feeling what seems impossible at first: getting used to being without someone."

"I'm Getting Used to Living Without You"

This track is an essential piece to the core of themes that are propelling The Color Study's debut. "Without" really captures the feeling of moving on from loss in a way that's well done. It's not overpoweringly happy, but it's realistic; a melancholic spoonful of realization that serves as a stepping stone to better days.

You can find "Without" on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud. Watch for The Color Study's debut album out later this year.

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