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Kenzi's Triple Play

Bend's Spencer Brown broke his creative block and zoned in on three new singles

When the situation calls for it, sometimes you have to come in hot. Sometimes it's just the right play—a move that will leave an impact. Spencer Brown (Kenzi) will be following those rules this fall when the singer/musician drops a set of three new tracks, all set to be released well before Halloween. The road back to this spot of creative output wasn't easy, though, as for several months Brown was struggling to finish any song at all.

"The truth is I spent several months hitting a wall writing music, and in all honesty, hardly applying the discipline required to churn out songs. I had a long list of half-finished songs stacking up on my computer," recalls Brown. "I was putting out cover videos on Instagram and Youtube, but nothing that felt fulfilling. I had the typical excuses: work, relationships, life, outdoorsy fun, etc., that can be real for us all, but I'm a firm believer that you make time for your true priorities and sometimes you have to readjust and call yourself out."

Kenzi's Triple Play
Andrew Shepherd
Look for Kenzi's first new song, "Pacific City," out Sept. 26.

And that's exactly what Brown did. He gave up his extra-curricular activities, such as his free nights and weekends, to make music and focus on the positive. No "negative speak" was allowed. He just moved his time into the studio, which led to these three upcoming songs.

"Trust me, it wasn't easy saying goodbye to perfect Central Oregon weekends to record 50-plus takes in my room with no air conditioning. But eventually you dig far enough to find what you're searching for," says Brown. "I typically produce and record all my own tracks, but for these three songs I stumbled upon a producer, Akit, whose style instantly inspired melodies and hooks."

The trio of songs, titled "Pacific City," "Sunset Beach" and "Nightfall," each play out with soulful and electric R&B, a vintage flavor of Brown's that I've come to love. First to be released is "Pacific City" on Sept. 26. This track sounds like Brown is yelling out to someone, trying to reach his hand out and leave a shoulder to lean on for someone going through a storm. Brown lets out a flurry of "I've been telling yous" over the hook, trying to reaffirm his point that things will be OK.

Second to release is the lo-fi sounding "Sunset Beach," a song filled with good vibrations and a mellow pace that fits perfectly in the golden hour, just like its name. There's a soft bounce there in the beat to keep you up and the vibes happy. This is the kind of track that transports you away to a warm sanctuary—even on the coldest nights. This one drops Oct. 3. Then last but not least, on Oct. 7 Brown plans to release the final of the three singles, "Nightfall." This one sounds a bit darker than the first two singles, but with good purpose. The moody stylings on "Nightfall" face the question of the unknown—what will your next move be?

For Brown, these songs are the outcome of determination and hyper-focus. He'd work for three days straight on each song, only leaving his confines for some caffeinated fuel. And in the end, that hard work paid off with three successful and catchy songs.

"I certainly felt like I had to work endless hours to persistently chisel away until they were complete. I mixed most of the songs at Backporch Coffee where Joe kept me caffeinated & dialed," Brown tells the Source. "I sent them off to Norway to be mastered by MP Studio, who crushed it. Each song has a subtle meaning for me personally, but I hope listeners find their own connection or meaning, honestly. Or, at the very least, just enjoy listening and vibing."

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