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Liner Notes: Super Freaks

Nylon is always in style David Bowie and Dennis Rodman face new extra-terrestrial competition in the form of Taboo (guitar), Intellijamus (bass), Otto E. Roticize (drums) and their adopted father Dr. Wonder Bred (keys) of Seattle's Super Sonic Soul Pimps.

According to the band's Website (which we take as gospel, as we do all Websites), the three "humaliens" were adopted by Dr. Bred after the death of their pimp father in the heat of "cruel alien passion" with the triplet's alien mother. The three hybrid triplets and their adopted mad scientist father have managed to keep under government radar long enough to release three CDs and gather quite the following of fans.

While their ancestral planet is unnamed, it's probably somewhere near whatever galaxy Parliament and George Clinton hail from. Super Sonic Soul Pimps spin out a blend of funk, rock and even some metal-sounding songs that are unlike anything you've ever heard. From weird Axl Rose-style screams and Beavis and Butt-head voices to funked out guitar riffs and beats, SSSP never fails to surprise their human listener. And they do it all in skin-tight leotards because whatever planet they're from they clearly believe that spandex is a right not a privilege.

Again, here at the Source, we take artists for their word. In this case, that horny alien in Species is obviously based on the story of the Soul Pimps. As for the Cocoon crap and all that hanging out in the old folks home nonsense...the Soul Pimps want none of that. They're party aliens, ya see. Just watch out that you don't get TOO close to band members and end up birthing some "humalien" hybrid straight out of Alien Resurrection. As you may have noticed, we've been brushing up on our alien cinema history.

Super Sonic Soul Pimps

9:30pm Saturday June 14.

The Summit Saloon and Stage, 125 NW Oregon Ave. $5

If you still need convincing, check out

and read the stolen FBI file for yourself.

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