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LIVE! From the Volcanic Theatre Pub

Four bands will kick off Volcanic's upcoming live-streamed concert series—a hybrid between streaming and in-person shows

On Friday night, the first concert the Volcanic Theatre Pub has had in months will take place. Thing is, no one will be in the building except the artists, crew and Volcanic workers.

Instead, the audience will be right at home.

Volcanic owner Derek Sitter spoke to the Source this month about the state of live music in Central Oregon, and he was more than aware that innovative steps would need to be taken to keep the scene chugging along.

"We will have to adapt. We really have no choice. In addition I think people are craving arts and some form of human connection. Our souls need it," said Sitter. "isolation is terribly unhealthy for anyone... particularly for artists. There must be a place for artists to express themselves and attendees experience it. It's crucial to our community and culture...even if it's limited in capacity and executed much differently."

Thanks to Sitter and the Volcanic we'll be getting some artist expression. The show kicks off at 6pm on the Volcanic's Facebook page. The lineup of artists performing will bring a variety of genres to the stage. Plus, it's FREE! Check out who's playing below.

Reverend Doctor, 6-6:30pm

Derek Keith Rollins Jr. is the man behind Reverend Doctor, a soulful singer with a funk-rock edge from L.A. Rollins is a talented arranger of music, using a one-man looping style to perform and execute the many layers of instrumentation. He has a voice worth listening to and wants to spread positivity and eye-opening messages through his songs.

Desperate Electric, 6:30-7pm

Electro-rock, soul, and folk is the expertise of this Bozeman, Montana duo. On "Still Not giving You Up," Desperate Electric's album released this May, Kayti Korte and Ben Morris combine a ton of instrumentation in each song to make it a fun listen. There's really no telling what you'll get when you jump from track to track, and that excitement is sure to transition into the live stream Friday night.

Dina Renee,  7-8pm

Originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, Dina Renee is currently based in LA. Having played piano since she was 3 years old, Renee has never looked back on her musical dreams. She's a pop star with a strong voice, using catchy hooks to propel her songwriting. Her most recent single, "What I'm Not Gonna Do," might be her best song yet.

Water Tower, 8-8:30pm

Formerly the Water Tower Bucket Boys out of Portland, the trio now-named just Water Tower is a skilled set of musicians who rock out sweet folk and bluegrass jams. The three-piece put out its first album together since the group got smaller this past April. The sounds of Water Tower fit right in with some of the favorite tunes heard here in the high desert, and they're guaranteed to blow you away even through a computer screen. The trio has actually been doing free streamed concerts throughout quarantine. It should be a seriously fun set.

Isaac Biehl

Isaac is living proof that "Iowa Nice" is actually a thing. A journalism graduate from Iowa State University, he regularly writes about music, the outdoors and the arts/culture scene. Isaac loves the Trail Blazers, backpacking and a good IPA. He plans to one day win Survivor. Your move, Jeff Probst...
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