Say Hello to the New Music Editor: Ethan “Ethos” Maffey credits 1983 for who he is today | The Source Weekly - Bend, Oregon

Say Hello to the New Music Editor: Ethan “Ethos” Maffey credits 1983 for who he is today

Welcoming our new music editor, Ethan Maffey to The Source Weekly.

Most parents do not expect the gift they give their son for his sixth birthday to have the kind of impact capable of shaping their child’s future. I’m sure that was true of my parents when they presented me with my first record player in 1983.

Even as a baby, my parents recognized the effect music had on me when they could get me to stop crying by playing the Happy Days theme song on our stereo. Still there was no way they could have foreseen the revolution that first record player would create in my life.

I was finishing up my first year of school and quite honestly feeling like a big boy. I had started my first t-ball season, discovered baseball cards and the Boston Red Sox, and in a month’s time would be mesmerized by the fall of Darth Vadar in Return of the Jedi. Yet, it was the ability to begin exploring music—by sneaking my parents’ vinyl into my room—that made the year truly special.

Music remained merely a personal passion of mine until five years ago when I began blogging on My Space about what I was listening to. Shortly after that, I moved my writing to a Blogspot site and in 2010 was able to start my own webzine by launching 83Music. In 2011, Mike Bookey, the former arts and culture editor for the Source, tapped me to do some freelance writing, which eventually brought me to this role as music editor.

Now 35-years-old, I continually strive to capture the spirit (or ethos) of my 1983 by searching for fantastically creative music and sharing it with anyone who will listen. Each time I stumble upon music that is beautiful or fun, or invokes a new sound, each time I’m blown away at a concert, I’m six years old again and I love it. I still collect vinyl records, and see well over 100 bands perform each year.

As the Source’s SOUND page continues to explore the culture of music and our local scene here in Bend, I’d like to invite you to take that ride with me.  After all, this page really belongs to you, the reader, and to the bands creating the music we love to hear.


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Ethan Maffey

Both a writer and a fan of vinyl records since age 5, it wasn't until nearly three decades later that Oregon Native Ethan Maffey derived a plan to marry the two passions by writing about music. From blogging on MySpace in 2007 and then Blogspot, to launching his own website, 83Music, and eventually freelancing...
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