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Source Material

This just in—music is really good in 2020

Look at us. Already one month down in 2020. The new decade is continuing to move whether we're ready or not, and that means artists releasing music are entering into a new era. Will anything from the first month of the new roaring '20s last until the end of the decade? Only time can truly tell—but I do have a few thoughts on what might hold up throughout the next 10 years. Here's a look back at some of the music that stood out the last month with this January installment of Source Material.

Source Material
MOsley WOtta

Local's Bin:


After announcing his upcoming album, "This IS (Not) All There IS" earlier this month, Bend's own MOsley WOtta released a video for one of the tracks called "NIGH AT THE MUSEUM." The song itself is a lyrical showcase of what's in MoWo's repertoire as he delivers rhymes with the energy of Damian Lillard entering the fourth quarter. Look for the full album out Feb. 2.

Source Material
Warner Records

National Beats:

"Circles" – Mac Miller

This is the first (and maybe last) posthumous album from the late Mac Miller. "Circles" marks the follow-up and counterpart to the Grammy-nominated album "Swimming." While different sonically and narratively, both albums center around the motions of life and will forever be tethered around the would-be-28-year-old's death. "Circles" isn't a rap album—but rather a neo-soul project in which Miller lightly uses rapping as one of his tools. For most of "Circles," you get to hear Miller singing and pushing his voice to places we haven't heard him go before. It truly is a beautiful look into his mind and an album I know I'll be revisiting when 2030 comes around.

Source Material
Anova Music

"Someday Tomorrow Maybe" – Lola Marsh

If you haven't listened to Lola Marsh yet, I would advise you to change that status. Made up of Yael Shoshana Cohen and Gil Landau, "Someday Tomorrow Maybe" marks the duo's second album and falls right in line with its grand and cinematic sound. You can't help but fall into a trance when listening to this album—from Cohen's glittery voice as she beams up on a track, to the intricate and involved storytelling, you find yourself becoming an invested listener as this album plays on.

Five For The Rotation:
"Fire" – Waxahatchee
"Bebey" – Theophilus London
"On the Outside" – Ethan Gruska
"fever dream" - mxmtoon
"Neon Skyline" – Andy Shauf

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