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Bend Newcomer

So I've now spent a week (give or a take a weekend trip to Seattle) in Bend. I recently came here from the Eastside (and by Eastside I don't mean the Eastside of 3rd Street, as we're profiling this week, but I mean the Eastside of THE COUNTRY) and have been settling in decently.

My outsider observations and take-aways so far:

My computer has realigned itself in the cosmos and all my Google side ads are for Subarus. My Nissan just isn't cutting it, I guess.

Diversity: I have never felt so in the majority as a white person.

I feel like I've landed in the epicenter of the outdoor hipster. So much puffy. So much slouchy winter hats. So much well-cut hair combined with unkempt scruffy beards (a strange combination of the JCrew Beau and the Carhartt Boyfriend)

When people hear I've come to Bend, the conversation starts sounding like this: "Beer, beer, breweries, beer, breweries, beer, blah, blah, blah..." I'm excited to try them, but in a distance-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder twist, I've never longed so much for a Milwaukee's Best.

People here think Bend is the best. From what I can interpret, those cloudy parts of the NW pale in comparison to the sin-kissed skin around here.

And some general Northwest musings:

Why is this man coming up to my car at the gas station? I'm an independent woman who can take care of her self! Wait, where am I, Jersey? Oh, right... it's Oregon and someone pumps your gas here.

I got pulled over within 10 minutes of crossing the Oregon border from California for a casual inquiry by a police officer into both the state of my brake lights and whether I smoke or not. When I said I was headed to Bend, the questions intensified... hmmm...

I lived in New York City for nearly a year-and-a-half and never have I been honked at as much as I did driving through Seattle and Portland. I thought they'd cut me some slack with the out-of-state plates, but apparently not... (That being said, Bend is incredibly pedestrian friendly. Thanks to all who have stopped for me on my walk to work.)

Where is the best place to get one of those nerd-tastic ear pieces so I can talk on my phone while driving?

Apparently I should care about the Sea Hawks?

Have suggestions for things I should try out? A "must-do" for a newbie to Bend? Email me and let me know.

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