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Bend Park District WON'T Be Killing Geese This Summer

Bend Parks and Rec says they're not going to kill geese this summer.

So, it looks like the Bend Parks and Recreation District isn't going to be killing any geese (Bend's unofficial city bird) this summer after all.

Last year, the district, overwhelmed with geese feces in its parks -- most noticeably in Drake Park -- euthanized more than 100 Canada geese in an effort to thin out the population.

An anti-goose-killing group, Goose Watch Alliance, circled the wagons in the past few days getting ready to assemble on the edge of the park to witness and protest the goose roundup and also urged their supporters to vote on the Source's incredibly scientific and legally binding online poll (not really).

But this morning, the BPRD released a statement indicating that it would not be killing any geese, but rather USDA Wildlife Services will be banding and releasing adult geese to track their movement and will be relocating juvenile geese to the Summer Lake Wildlife Refuge.

As for the poop in the parks, BPRD says they'll be keeping a close eye on it and keeping things clean.

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