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Cheers to the gaffs, VP debate drinking game

Paul Ryan, lookin' goodThe vice presidential debate takes center stage tonight. I know what you’re thinking, who cares? Well we do, because this is a great excuse for a new drinking game!

Try this one from The CityBeat. I’m willing to bet you’ll be tanked before the candidates start discussing foreign policy. 

Biden rules include:

  • If Joe Biden says “literally” when he actually means “figuratively” take a drink.
  • If Joe Biden says “literally” and actually means “literally” chug.
  • If the camera pans to Jill Biden, take a drink.
  • If Jill Biden looks embarrassed, take two drinks.

Some Ryan rules mandate:

  • If Paul Ryan tries to relate to young voters by bringing up the contents of his iPod, scoff and take two drinks while mentally reminding yourself to introduce him to Passion Pit if you ever see him in person.
  • If Paul Ryan mentions his mother, take a drink.
  • If Paul Ryan’s mother is in attendance, chug.

There are also rules for both candidates:

  • If either candidate tells an inane personal anecdote about Kentucky to make themselves more folksy and relatable because that’s where they’re holding the debate, take a smug drink since you don’t live there.
  • If either candidate mentions the 47% drink. If you are part of the 53 percent that actually pay income taxes and Mitt Romney cares about you, buy someone else a drink.

Bring on the drunken heckles! Click this link for a full list of rules and be sure to bring your printed copy to your debate watching location for consultation during the show.

If you’re looking for a place to watch the debate tonight, try the Tin Pan Theater. Starting at 6pm they will be running the show on their big screen. Cheers!

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