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Enough Already: My continued crappy weather blues

This snowy late April Day is a good time to ponder our dreary spring weather.

For most of March and all of April to date, I’ve been trying to be optimistic about the blah weather. Optimistic, as in saying to people complaining about it: “well, it means there will be great wildflowers and terrific mountain bike trails when it stops_________ (insert your favorite): raining, snowing, sleeting, blowing, or doing all the same at one time."

Last spring was cold; this spring is a tease. The weather hasn’t been as cold, but never quite hot enough to get into the full T-shirt and shorts dress mode.

There have been a whole lot of gray skies and when the sun is visible, you look outside and say, “Wow, it’s going to be a great day.” Then you walk out to find that it’s cool and the wind is howling.

Weather wise, it’s as if our weather has become like that of the Willamette Valley -- gray and depressing.

So what to do? I got out the outdoor furniture and set it up. Then on some nights, I sit in a captain’s chair decked out in a down sweater, wool cap, sweat pants and gloves and have a beer as the sun sets. Then I head inside to thaw out and complain.

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