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First Listen: Spiritual Vamp by Silvero

Pretty cool.
So that we're all on the same page: Silvero is a four-piece garage-rock band from Bend. This summer they recorded Spiritual Vamp, a seven-song album. It's good. (NOTE: For a proper review, read next week's issue as Sound editor Ethan Maffey takes on Silvero and their new album).


Songs on the Spiritual Vamp sound like: the slowest Black Sabbath song you can think of (a good thing); something from a brooding, trippy, math-rock band (don't know any of those); something from a female-fronted early '80s alt-punk band, like The Raincoats (also a good thing). Oh, and at least one of the male/female duets sounds Moldy Peaches-ish.
Some songs are slow and thoughtful like many of the songs from James Ryan Adams' other band, Rural Demons.

If you want to listen to Spiritual Vamp, you can do so here.

Addendum: Silvero gets ten points for their spray-painted CD cover (and CD!) and handwritten liner notes. Arts and crafts! (See photos above and below).


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