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Full Results From State Races and the Region

Full election results from state races and the region.


United States President and Vice President

Barack Obama (DEM) 274 Electoral votes

Mitt Romney (REP) 201 Electoral votes


Representative in Congress- 2nd District

Joyce B Segers (DEM WRKFML) 30.47%

Greg Walden (REP) 67.55%


Secretary of State

Kate Brown (DEM WRKFML) 60.71%

Knute Buehler (REP IND) 33.63%


State Treasurer

Ted Wheeler (DEM WRKFML) 68.98%

Cameron Whitten (PRO) 2.46%

John F Mahler (LBT)

Michael Paul Marsh (CON)

Tom Cox (REP)


Attorney General

Chris Henry (PRO)

Ellen Rosenblum (DEM) 67.39%

James E Leuenberger (CON LIB)

James L Buchal (REP) 28.37%


State Senator- 27th District

Tim Knopp (REP IND) 59%

Geri Hauser (DEM WRKFML LIB) 40.54%


State Senator- 28th District

Douglas K Whitsett (REP DEM) 98.37%


State Senator- 30th District

Ted Ferrioli (REP DEM) 98.74%


State Representative- 53rd District

Gene Whisnant (REP DEM) Unavailable


State Representative- 54th District

Nathan R Hovekamp (DEM WRKFML) 43.16%

Jason Conger (REP IND) 56.67%


State Representative- 55th District

John Huddle (DEM IND WRKFML) 25.73%

Mike McLane (REP) 73.68%


State Representative- 59th District

John E Huffman (REP) 65.01%

Gary L Ollerenshaw (DEM) 34.84%

County Commissioner- Position 2

Alan Unger (DEM) 52.59%

Tom Greene (REP) 47.26%

Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries

Bruce Starr 42.46%

Brad Avakian 57.03%


Judge of the Supreme Court- Position 3

Nena Cook 48.98%

Richard C Baldwin 50.52%


Judge of the Court of Appeals- Pos 6

Tim Volpert 45.82%

James C Egan 53.65%


Judge of the Circuit Court- 11th Dist Pos 2

Andy Balyeat 46.20%

Beth Bagley 53.58%


Judge of the Circuit Court- 11th Dist Pos 3

Roger J DeHoog Unavailable


County Sheriff

Larry Blanton 93.38%


Soil & Water Director- Zone 2



Soil & Water Director- Zone 3

Patricia M Gainsforth 99.12%


Soil & Water Director- Zone 4



Soil & Water Director- Zone 5



Soil & Water Director- At-Large 1

Robin S Vora 98.93%


City of Bend Council- Position 1

Wade Fagen 28.61%

Victor Chudowsky 39.28%

Barb Campbell 31.85%


City of Bend Council- Position 2

Charles Baer 7.37%

Douglas Knight 51.40%

Edward Barbeau 17.22%

Edward McCoy 23.56%


City of Bend Council- Position 3

Sally Russell 48.35%

Ron Boozell (Rondo) 11.72%

Kathie Eckman 39.63%


City of Bend Council- Position 4

Mike Roberts 25.95%

Jim Clinton 73.57%


City of La Pine Mayor

Ken Mulenex 51.98%

Stu Martinez 44.99%


City of La Pine Council

Kathy Agan 74.05%


City of Redmond Mayor

George Endicott 97.79%


City of Redmond Council

Camden King 21.07%

Joseph W Centanni 21.24%

Ginny McPherson

Ed Petersen

Anne Graham


City of Sisters Council

Brad Boyd

Catherine Childress 27.72%

Lon Kellstrom

McKibben Womack 30.45%


State Measure 77

Yes 60.15%

No 39.85%


State Measure 78

Yes 73.14%

No 26.86%


State Measure 79

Yes 55.98%

No 44.02%


State Measure 80

Yes 47.50%

No 52.50%


State Measure 81

Yes 33.44%

No 66.56%


State Measure 82

Yes 28.68%

No 71.32%


State Measure 83

Yes 29.54%

No 70.46%


State Measure 84

Yes 42.23%

No 57.77%


State Measure 85

Yes 60.82%

No 39.18%


9-86 Bend Metro Park & Rec Dist Bond

Yes 50.03%

No 49.97%


9-87 City of Sisters Annexation

Yes 84.89%

No 15.11%


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