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Hand Washing From the Future

How Slicks Que keeps you clean through the delightfully sloppy endeavor of bbq consumption.

The Source staff had a great team lunch today at Slick's Que Co., where we enjoyed all manner of tender, smoked meats.

But eating barbeque is messy business. Luckily, Roy (the owner) is a genius and installed the most tech hand-washing system any of us had ever done laid eyes on. 

It works like this: you put in your hands (there's a sign requesting, "Hands Only Please." It's barely readable in the picture — see it? It's just below Dale's #3), it automatically knows this and after a courteous second, starts shooting millions of thin-streamed jets of what we could only assume was a perfectly blended water/soap combination. This lasts for a very pleasant few seconds. Then, all clean.

I thought this was just some kinda neat, novel trickery Roy had installed because he hates germs. But the real genius of this contraption was soon made obvious (when it was brought to my attention by a more clever staff member). Upon coming up for air after greedily devouring what musta been 5lbs of deliciously messy bbq, I started thinking, "Man, how am I going to get my paws clean again?" Oh yeah, futuristic hand washer. Perfect.

Hand washing aside, the barbeque was damn good. Roy and his staff are true technicians. Real students of the barbequing art. Stop in, eat some good fixins and let Roy and Co. learn you about the real way to make barbeque. Low and slow.

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