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Indulgences on a Budget

Treat yourself...realistically.

To indulge oneself doesn't always have to break the bank. Some of the greatest pleasures in life are reasonably priced or even cheaper than that. Here are ten things that cost between absolutely nothing and $165.00 that can either be purchased locally or from Etsy that I (somewhat) guarantee will make your life better (for at least a little while).

1- Breakfast ALL DAMN DAY at McDonalds: Yes, it is not real food and also terrible for you, but ordering an Egg McMuffin at 2am is a type of freedom this country has never had and maybe never deserved. Now that the Sausage McMuffin is on the dollar menu, your dreams are Ronald's command. $1.00- $2.79

2- Buying DVD's from Cash Connection: Normally, Pawn shops are grim places, but Cash Connection is filled with friendly workers who are great at hiding their judgements. With thousands of DVD's to choose from (the stock of which get replenished every morning), you never know what you might walk out with. In one trip I got Master and Commander, Boogie Nights, Roadhouse and Memento. $1.75 a movie or $1.00 a piece if you buy 20 or more.

3- The Complete Breaking Bad on DVD or Blu: While the tale of Walter White has concluded, it shall live on in us forever. What better a way to celebrate such knowledge than to own all 62 precious episodes in one beautiful box filled with bloopers, outtakes, deleted scenes and commentaries for your listening and viewing pleasure. $164.99

4- A Wrap of Khan from Parilla: While this reporter prefers it with chicken, one can also choose steak, pork or veggies if in a pinch. The combination of the chicken with the bamboo, peanut sauce and corn salsa is lovely, but if you add black beans, spinach and a fat line of red hot Secret Stash sauce, the burrito becomes something close to a spiritual awakening. $8

5- Happy Hour at Sonic: From 2-4pm every day of the week, Sonic knocks the prices of its drinks, teas and slushes down by half, and after 8pm you get ½ off of all the shakes. It doesn't matter what the mood you're in, a cherry lime-aid will always make it just a little bit sweeter. The peanut butter milkshake, however, will just make you sleepy. $1.50-$3.00

6- All seven Fast & Furious movies in a box that looks like a tire: It's all seven of 'em!! In a box that looks like a tire!! It has the bad ones (#2 & #4) the weird one (Tokyo Drift) and the completely badass ones (#1 & #5- #7). Even if you have no interest in cars, watching The Rock fight Jason Statham has something for everyone. $49 DVD or $59 Blu

7- Free meals on your birthday: Here's how to do it: You get free pancakes at IHOP in the morning, followed by a lengthy nap. Then you get a free 6'' of your choice at Togo's, followed by a brief nap. Then wrap it up with a free buffet at Izzy's and then a free drink at the D&D, followed by a coma. Best and possibly loneliest birthday ever. FREE

8- Used video games from Best Buy: Dragon Age: Inquisition for $20 is the gift that keeps on giving. Fight all manner of orcs, dragons and monsters while staying snug inside your pajamas. With the release of the XBOX One and the Playstation 4, last gen systems like the XBOX 360 and the PS3 are basically giving away their games. Take advantage of progress. $9.99-$19.99

9- Walking: Seriously, seriously underrated. While driving and riding bikes are still the #1 and #2 most popular forms of transportation, with walking you don't even need a destination in mind. Just look left or right, forward or back, and go. Even fences or chains won't keep you from exploring the direction of your choice. FREE

10- A Necklace of Drake looking emotional: Is he sad? Is he angry? Bad BM? The world may never know, but sometimes we do need reminding that Drake is people too and he can't always look so distant and aloof. Sometimes he needs to feel and sometimes, just sometimes, we need to see how he feels and judge him for it. $12 on Etsy. 

Jared Rasic

Film critic and author of food, arts and culture stories for the Source Weekly since 2010.
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