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Last Band Standing: The Correct Results

There was an error when the Last Band Standing Results were announced - here's what went wrong.

OK. So we all know by now that Mosley Wotta won Last Band Standing last Thursday.

But there was a problem with how the other three bands placed and that mix-up wasn’t fully settled until yesterday afternoon when Combined Communications brass informed us that the second-place winner was not Empty Space Orchestra, as was announced from the stage, but rather KleverKill.

So here’s how Combined Communications told us things got turned upside down: After the votes were meticulously counted four times, a list of the winner and subsequent runner ups was handed to the emcee, Dori Donoho. The problem was that the list was phrased as such: Third runner up, second runner up and then winner, BUT Donoho read the list, saying “Third place”… ”Second place” etc. Oddly, KleverKill’s name was never announced at all after Mosley Wotta was named champion.

But it made sense that Empty Space Orchestra (as well as most others, including Source reporters and other members of the media in attendance) walked away thinking they’d won second place, while in reality, they were second runner up, which equals third place.

Confused? I think we all were, but here’s the rundown of how the finalists fared: 2nd place: KleverKill, 3rd place: Empty Space Orchestra, 4th place: Hot Tea Cold.

Obviously, there was some consternation among the bands as a result, but at least we've got the results right now.

If you're still a little miffed as to how things got misconstrued, here's a video of the announcement.

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