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Obama Loves Phil's Trail

Tea Partiers and other members of the Obama-Care/B.Hussein nation, stop reading here. The following sequence of letters strung together in words and sentences does not pertain to you.

All others may proceed...

Word over the Internets this afternoon is that the Deschutes Forest is in line for another round of federal highway funding and that's good news for mountain bikers (see I told you it didn't apply - now go put on your civil war re-enactment garb on and continue reading the Bill of Rights on your porch, Tea Party guy.) According to a press release hot in off the interwebs, the Deschutes forest has been awarded $250,000 to repave the road into Phil's trailhead from Skyliners. What's more, the forest will also be expanding parking in the always-overcrowded lot to accommodate 50 vehicles. Lastly, the Forest Service is adding an information kiosk with fun historical tidbits. If all that makes you so pumped that you want to crap your pants, well you're in luck. The grant also covers the construction/addition of what the FS is calling a new "double CXT toilet." We may have to look up the significance of the last item, but we're pretty sure it's made by Halliburton.

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