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Pump the Breaks Hardcore Fans: Cancelled Show Turns Into a Cluster that Gets Mention in the LA Weekly

A blog post entitled "Hardcore Show Cancelled Amid Arson Threats," posted earlier today on the L.A. Weekly website details a cluster of events that ended in a cancelled metal show in an Bend backyard.

L.A. based power-violence band, ACxDC (for all you squares out there, that stands for Antichrist Demoncore, and yeah, they like to say they worship satan) were scheduled to play a residence on the east side of town, but were forced to cancel the show after anonymous calls to the Bend Police Department and complaints about the event from neighbors. The show was moved to Salem and took place last night, but the cancelation caused a major uproar among local hardcore fans.

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  • Dan Rawe Photography

Here's the blog post from the L.A. Weekly. ACxDC were on the cover of the paper earlier this month.

By the way, here is link to ACxDC's facebook where you can listen to their music. We're now listening to it exclusively at the Source so when people come into our office, they think we're really tough.

The show was affiliated with local collective Middle Oregon Metal And Punk who often hold punk, metal and hardcore shows in an empty warehouse near 1st street. However, this was to be a "picnic show" at a private residence (because that's what the power-violence genre makes us want to do, eat grapes and cheese!).

Organizer, Preston Krull, posted a message with a detailed explanation of the show's move including permit issues because of the large expected capacity, calls from the Bend City Works, Bend Police Dept., Bend Fire Dept. and the tenant's landlord based on the complaints. A link to the full message, and more than 100 comments from upset fans here.

So...we guess this is a super big deal guys...

The L.A. Weekly article points a finger at music writer Ben Salmon of the Bulletin for spotlighting the show causing "dozens of residents from the town demanded police shut down the gig." What they fail to mention is that the promoter sunk the ship by flyering for a public event, and failing to secure all the proper permits weeks ago, which he openly admitted to in his apology.

Salmon had this to say in a blog post about the cancelation and following uproar:

Personally, I’m most disappointed in the fact that Bend lost another heavy show here, after Red Fang rolled its van, a planned Skeletonwitch concert fell through and High On Fire canceled its show rather than brave snowy mountain passes, all in the past three years. As a fan of punk rock and metal, we don’t get enough of this stuff as it is; for these kinds of acts to be so close to Bend only to have the shows go up in smoke is such a bummer.


Here's Ben Salmon's original post that caused all the controversy.

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