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Redmond High School Mascot Finalists Here!

Hot of the presses: The Redmond Student Selection Committee has announced the three finalist for the mascot at the new Ridgeview High School in Redmond. We like all three of the names that they’ve come up with, Rattlers, Coyotes and Ravens,  and a few of the ways that they could be tied into Ridgeview’s homecourt (gym). But most entertaining are some of the suggestions that the committee came up with about how students could use the proposed names to cheer on their teams -- hissing, howling and cawing, respectively. Here’s the description that came over straight from the district. We think they saved the best, as in most ridiculous for last, with the Ravens. Stay out of The Nest, beeyatch!


Ridgeview Coyotes - An animal which takes great care to keep their pack safe and successful. They are wise in survival, crafty in preservation and certainly relevant to our area.


Possibilities for Coyotes:

            Mascot could resemble the Phoenix Coyotes of the NHL;

            Students could make howling noises (or use the “quiet coyote” sign) in the crowd at games;

            School signs could read, “Welcome to Coyote Country!”


Ridgeview Rattlers - While feared and quite ominous, the rattlesnake is not aggressive unless provoked.  They are simple, strong, unique and indigenous to this area.


Possibilities for Rattlers:

            Mascot could resemble the Arizona Diamondbacks of MLB;

Students could make hissing noises in the crowd at games;

            The gymnasium could be called, “The Snake Pit!”


Ridgeview Ravens - A large, all-black bird that is known to be extremely versatile and opportunistic, as well as a remarkable problem-solver.  Over the centuries, the Raven has been the subject of mythology, folklore, art, and literature.


Possibilities for Ravens:

            Mascot could resemble the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL;

            Students could flap their “wings” and make “caw” sounds in the crowd at games;

            The student commons area could be known as “The Nest!”


For school colors, the Student Selection Committee used a similar process and selected purple as one of the dominant colors and has proposed the following combinations as finalists for consideration:


§  Purple and White

§  Purple and Black

§  Purple and Silver


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