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Required Watching for Cascadians

To begin your venture into the Cascadian woods, here is the documentary Pickaxe: The Cascadian Free State Story, which follows activists in their efforts to halt logging at Warner Creek, a federally protected forest in Oregon. Required watching for any true Cascadian.


"Following a suspicious fire in 1991 that cleared the land, Congress suspended environmental regulations to allow logging in the area. Arson was determined to be the cause of the fire, however, environmental activists argued that allowing logging at Warner Creek would set a bad example and possibly lead to similarly motivated forest fires. What followed was an 11-month battle complete with a 79-day hunger strike and an amazing blockade of a remote mountain logging road. This inspiring documentary shows the power of direct action, determination and good leadership." —YouTube

One of the first media pieces addressing Cascadia, Casey Corcoran, producer of Occupied Cascadia, told us that this documentary was always floating around Cascadian circles in bootleged VHS form, back int he day. PickaxeEnjoy, and stay tuned for more Cascadia on the BENT Blog!

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