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Riding the Wind

We went into the Badlands the other day with some photo enthusiast to learn how to shoot at night. Since we have the moon up right now and the milky way is not visible we concentrated on using the moon as a source of light. After photographing a Juniper Tree  with the moon in our back I decided to shoot right into the light.

This image was taken with my Nikon D800 and I used my 14-24 lens. My aperture was set at 18 and I exposed for  30 seconds. The cameras ISO was set at 1250.

And of course we painted the tree with our headlamp. If you look closely you see the stars in the sky as well. See more about Night Sky Photography.

Just to keep us all up to date on the demonic upchucking, head spinning, bone snapping contortions of Exorcism/Possession flicks, here are couple of entries and one must-see...

The Exorcist II: the Heretic

John Boorman’s (Deliverance) effort to add insanity to the overall feel of this flick succeeds, however it does not succeed in telling a coherent story. Worth a look for Richard Burton’s over the top performance which is a laugh riot


Exorcist: The Beginning aka Dominion

Before they exhausted all the demonic trimming from this worn out franchise Paul Shrader (American Gigolo/Affliction) had to put in his two cents in an attempt to tell a prequel. This abysmal creep-fest is another testament to Shrader’s troubled soul and scattered focus: a boring mess.

The Unborn

Not scary enough to be good and too serious to be "so bad it's good." The gab-fest generic possession story goes beyond absurd and way beyond caring if it makes sense or not. Using the same material as Possession, this debacle is a horrid piece of symbolism and illiteracy. The Unborn's verbal nonsense, which tries to set the film up as a Jewish Exorcist, is enough to numb your mind. Most people will only sit through this atrocity waiting for the next jolt-scare, vicious blue-eyed-fang-face, unexplained slimy tentacles to squirm out of a wall or the next barf scene

Ask anyone who knows me and you will understand why a movie simply called Wrecked appeals to me. That said this is a pretty cool little flick that is reminiscent of the Ryan Reynolds flick a few years back Buried wherein  its about one person and their survival instincts and mental status. Adrien Brody wakes up in the woods out in the middle of nowhere in a totally demolished crashed car and a couple of dead bodies. He then has to deal with this dilemma and piece his predicament back together as he is a little hazy. The rest of the film is his debilitating journey to find himself one catastrophe after another. Very much like an old Twilight Zone episode. One actor, one story, one end (well there are some people in flashbacks). Hey it’s good so you should see it. Canadian Filmmaker Michael Greenspan directs.

If there is ever the perfect time to go out and play in Central Oregon it is now. September is simply gorgeous here. For my upcoming book on motor Bike Travel in the Western US I envisioned a photo of a girl riding in the back of a guy riding a Harley. She should look content with her eyes closed and the hair flying in the wind.

My friends Kyle Zander and Alondra Schuster were game for this shoot. Doug Bennett my trusted assistant drove the car while I was shooting out the window standing up to get a higher angle. We did several rounds on a empty stretch of a dead end road while the sun was setting. Shooting into the light creates stunning and beautiful images, if you get the exposure right. I used a fill flash to counter the back light. To get the speed effect I kept my shutter speed in the 1/60 range. Hardest thing was the focusing due to the wind that would tear up my eyes. I tried to keep the focusing point on the Alondra's face and ended up with some nice images and a lot of funky ones with her hair all over the place. Connect with Christian Heeb on FB.

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