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See More From This Week's Cover Artist Megan McGuinness

Did you like our cover this week? We love it! If you want to see quirky, animal-centric art by local artist Megan McGuinness, you just have to take a trip over the mountians. McGuinness's art will be hanging in the Ninkasi Brewery in Eugene starting today.

This weeks cover of the Source.
  • This week's cover of the Source.

McGuinness' collection, called "The Unknown Consequences of Floating" will be up in the tap room through February 20th. Here is her artist statement about the collection:

I don't know how to write artist statements, so I just googled how to write one. It said to write it in a language that is easy to understand, so I guess I will opt out for English. In a sense the show is about not knowing where to land ones feet, or which direction to take. Floating can be nice, but eventually there will be a point where you have to fall. I try to show the women wrapped in cocoon like thing, as a feeling of safety from the outside world. People tend to wrap themselves up in worry and anger-they are afraid of letting their skin show. Or maybe they have been burned by the sun before and are fearful of being hurt again. Then they build themselves up in a purgatory of waiting for a sign of which way to turn until they know it's alright to let their skin show. —Megan McGuinness

Here is another of the pieces that will be on display in Eugene. You can check out more of McGuinness' art here.

Where Wild Roses Grow by Megan McGuinness
  • Where Wild Roses Grow by Megan McGuinness

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