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Slow Zombies vs. Fast Zombies

It’s here.

The trailer for WWZ, the 125 million dollar blockbuster staring Brad Pitt was released this week to massive controversy amongst zombie purists over the content of the film.

Based on Max Brook’s (son of Mel Brooks) zombie apocalypse novel WWZ, the film introduces Pitt as a U.N. employee who must protect his family from the unexplained viral outbreak while traveling the world attempting to stop the pandemic.

The movie has already drawn criticism from fans of the book and zombie purists citing that Brook’s original concept was an oral history composed of personal accounts, rather than the more traditional Hollywood story of personal struggle and sacrifice taken by the film.

On top of the major differences in the book to film translation, these aren’t your run of the mill Romero zombies. They’re effing fast, and the trailer makes them appear somewhat intelligent as they dog-pile along barriers designed to protect the uninfected.

On the resurgence of 28 Days Later style fast moving zombies vs. the classics, Brooks has taken a clear side.

“Slow zombies are a wonderful metaphor for the anxiety of human mortality,” said Brooks, “and fast zombies are gay.”

With the popularity of AMC’s The Walking Dead, and a whole slew of zombie related releases slated for 2013, the brain hungry horrors have become just another example of how Hollywood will eat up, water down, and CGI every classic trope it can get it’s hands on. Zombies are now as culture friendly as pirates and vampires.

Slow zombies or fast zombies? Check out the trailer for WWZ below and decide for yourself.


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