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Local youth weigh in on gun violence, in schools and in the wider community

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One Hundred Eighty Days

By Brenden Luna
Sophomore at Redmond High School

One hundred eighty days of classrooms we call hell

One hundred eighty days of classrooms that went well

Student Voices

And only one day is the day we all fell

But what does the system care about how that kid felt

Lost inside emotion and lost inside of their mind

Some kids got so messed up they lost themselves inside

We don't ever see it 'til the problem's too great

Kid shows up to school with guns it's too late

People think they can stop with just a lil' change

But people won't stop it they all still spreading hate

But maybe it's humanity that is the instigator

But maybe it's the leaders screaming, "Be a damn believer"

But how am I supposed to listen to someone who can't perceive us

When they're training us to grow up for when everybody leaves us

But let's get right to it, let's talk about the violence

People fight in the halls but nobody really likes it

Every single kid thinks they're more than the crimes but

Keep going 'til the law comes and they're out of time

Violence in the system is something that needs to leave

But that problem ain't leaving if all we're asking is please

Yelling at the problem won't crash it in steam

And yelling at that child won't make 'em come clean

He's gonna keep lurking, a predator who's searching

For the next person to say something and then learn it

Consequences for actions and words that we speak

Say the wrong thing and a kid's wrists start to bleed

This isn't a joke, don't understand why you're laughing

Bullies more like clowns these days but it's still happening

Saying "I'm big and you're small' but when I hit you where it hurts

the bigger they are the harder you fall

I won't stop and say anything while it's going on

Because we waited and waited till we were waiting too long

Now it's out of hand because of bad dads and moms

Who couldn't teach their kids between the rights and the wrongs

Taking away the guns won't stop the corruption

I've seen plenty kids throw hands up for nothing

Just somebody messin' with the wrong kid stuntin'

A different type of violence is what we get from our teachers

Apparently they care but just shout and won't believe us

I can say the same thing to two different staff

One gave me detention while the other one just laughed

Because there is no specific way that they have to fall in line

But the students walk in rows down the hallways through the lies

I've been living in this system since about the age of five

I can't make you understand but I can help you to see

If we all were treated right these kids would never bleed

So don't forget the lesson that your boy has just spoken

Next time you mess with someone realize what you've awoken.

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