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The Biggest Night of TV, Like, Ever

A review of last night's Office, Parks and Recreation, Whitney and more.

As I mentioned yesterday, last night was like the BIGGEST NIGHT OF TV EVAAAAAARRR, with a poop-ton of new and returning shows to scream, swoon, and yawn over.

Here's some opinions from across TV-ville (including my own) about what went down last night—but more importantly, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

The Office: In my opinion, this season opener was flatter than a pancake dressing up like Kate Moss for Halloween. I was all revved up for James Spader stepping in and fucking shit up as the new CEO for Sabre—but he was only tangentially involved. The main focus was on the new office manager (I won't spoil it for those who haven't watched it yet, but trust me—the choice was uninspired), and everyone involved was 30% more unlikable than at this time last year.

Parks & Recreation: I'll admit I've pooh-poohed this show in the past (due almost entirely to its lackluster first season) but I'm really digging it now—primarily because of the always hilarious Ron Swanson, and the Leslie/Ben romance which is weirdly sweet, charismatic, and not as gaggable as what you ordinarily see on TV. However, I can't stand April, and therefore she must go.

Whitney: Huh. A live version of Cathy. I didn't ask for that.

After the jump, the Opinionator gathers opinions from other TV critics regarding their opinions on Charlie's Angels, Person of Interest, and Prime Suspect!


Charlie's Angels: (From The Onion's AV Club) "It’s damned hard to make a show for ironists. It’s hard to make a show for people who just want something to howl at, who just want something to make fun of with their friends. Once you set out to make something that’s so bad it’s good, you usually just end up with something dull. And that’s part of why the new Charlie’s Angels is so bad." Person of Interest: (From "It’s a saggy, numbed-out crime drama, with a pair of leads - (Michael) Emerson and Jim Caviezel - whose quasi-mystical affect fails to pull you into their characters. This isn’t a nexus of TV talent and cultural suspicion so much as a turgid spin on the old-school procedural, with rote crimes-of-the-week, the familiar streets of New York City, and, of course, a pair of crazy-googly eyes." Prime Suspect: (From the Denver Post) "This Americanized "Prime Suspect" is determinedly gritty without being particularly thoughtful. It's not destined to be a breakout hit, but Bello is riveting in a procedural with an edge that's new for NBC." And just because this made me go "EWWW!! NBC, you're so STUPID!!!"

One hundred actresses dressed as detective Jane Timoney, Maria Bello’s character in NBC’s Prime Suspect drama, this week descended on downtown Toronto as part of a giant flash mob.

HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! EWWWW!!! Anywhoop, if anybody has any opinions on last nights ep of Community (which I thought was "ehhhhhhh"—you can quote me on that), or any other shows you've seen or are looking forward to, activate your Opinionator!

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