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The Stars Are Out-local talents shine in film

One of the brighter aspects as we approach the gloom of late fall and early winter was witnessing a Bend born-and-raised actor coming into his own and two local filmmakers continuing to deliver hysterical short ski films. All three talents were on display at recent events at the Tower Theater.
The actor in question is 27-year old Cole Carson, a graduate of Mountain View High and the University of Oregon.
In his sophomore year at the U of O, Carson took an acting course and it changed his life. “He called us one night, “recalls his father Ed, “and said ‘I know what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to be an actor.”
Carson began working on the acting craft and for the past three years has resided in Hollywood where he’s acted in a variety of television shows, training films and independent film projects.
He returned to Bend on Veteran’s Day as the star of the independently produced film  “Everyman’s War”. The film follows the World War Two odyssey of Oregon born soldier Don Smith.
Carson delivered an understated yet powerful performance enhanced by his all-American, kid-next-door looks.
Based on his performance in “Everyman’s War” he was sought after to play the leading role in a new independent film entitled “The Fat Boy Chronicles”. The film deals with childhood obesity and bullying and was completed this summer in  Georgia this past summer.
“Cole, “ Ed Carson says, “thinks this film will get picked up by a major studio or distributor.”
Let’s hope so because doesn’t everybody like a local-boy-makes-good story?
Wild Ride
You can count me among those who’d rather be hung by their thumbs than sit through yet another big air, duditude, rap-soundtrack ski movie. Enough already.
So I was squirming in my seat when emcee Dan McGarigle offered up “Golden Fury” by local filmmakers Jonas Tarlen and Steve Remer at last week’s annual Powderhounds night at the Tower Theater.
The squirming stopped a minute into the film, which is inspired and downright hilarious.
Without giving too much away, “Golden Fury” combines elements of classic soundtrack-doesn’t-match-actor’s-mouth-movements Kung Fu films and loopy sixties and seventies ski films.
The theme is a skier looking for alpine bindings that will stay on and won’t release when he makes big moves. He gets his wish and the results are nothing but fun.
Hats off to Tarlen and Remer for making my sides ache for day after viewing “Golden Fury” and for having obvious fun while crafting their way low budget film.

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