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The Traveling Camera: Proxy Falls

Proxy Falls, McKenzie Pass, Bend Oregon

Now is the time to go out and enjoy the mountains before snow falls. There is really no better time for taking pictures. That is why all the serious nature photographers can't be reached and why I am behind with my blog.

Recently, I took my neighbors dog to Proxy Falls on the McKenzie Highway. These falls are incredibly photogenic. I brought a tripod to be able to use a slow shutter speed. Flowing water looks soft and pretty if you do that.

Biggest problem for getting the shot was the spray from the falls. The lens had constantly to be wiped dry. Needles to say that my wife had to get the actual shot and I had to do some blending in Photoshop. Dogs never stand still, so it took several images to get one good photo.

The next couple of days should be really good up in the high country due to the fall colors so what are you waiting for?

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