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The Walking Dead: Chitty-Chat Club!

A recap and discussion of the brain crushing action of The Walking Dead's second season.

Why, hello! Last night was the season premiere of The Walking Dead, and I was wondering if you would... you know... like to talk about it or anything. "No" is also an appropriate response. Hit the jump for some quick SPOILER-IFIC thoughts, or hop straight to the comments to plug in your own two cents!

Do you wanna ROCK?? (That is the last joke you will ever hear.)
  • Courtesy AMC
  • "Do you wanna ROCK?? (That is the last joke you will ever hear.)"

••• Commence... THOUGHTS! 1) Is it just me, or are those zombies running a lot faster than last season? For somebody with perpetual foot drag, that river-running zombie could really move out! 2) Call me old-fashioned, but bashing a zombie's brains out with a rock still beats almost any other method. (Although the new methods I came up with in this week's I Love Television™ are pretty sweet, too.) 3) Examples of when having a racist around can come in handy: a) Saving black people by covering them up with dead bodies, b) tracking little girls through the woods, and c) gutting and exploring the insides of a zombie's stomach. 4) And remember this?

That button says, "No Excuse for Domestic Violence." And five bucks says the guy's wife turned into a zombie and ATE HIM!!! 5) Best scene: Everybody hiding out under the cars while the zombie mob shambles by. Worst scene: Ummm... almost everything else. 6) That episode was OHHH-KAY, but other than some sweet zombie bashings, I wasn't moved. (And no, I didn't like the deer scene at the end, and thought it was cloying.) If you ask me (and I know it's way early to say this), but I think American Horror Story is already trumping Walking Dead's suspense and fun factor. ARGUE WITH ME!!!

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