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Valentine's Day: Staff Picks

I’m just gonna say it. Valentine’s Day confuses the hell out of me. The day that may or may not have been created by a greeting card company seems to have become a day of mandatory gift giving. If you’re single, you’ll probably have to endure a day full of couples making out in front of you and having bouquets of roses meant for your coworker being delivered accidentally to your desk. If you’re in a relationship, you probably didn’t do it right, so just apologize already.

My Valentine’s Day usually involves ignoring the grand gestures everyone else around me seems to be receiving, then fighting with the person I told not to get me anything because he didn’t get me anything, then getting drunk.

This year, I’ve resolved to do it better. So I asked my coworkers what their plans are. If all else fails, there's always the Hoff. 




Source Weekly Valentine’s Day Staff Picks:

“I am excited for a romantic evening with my wife, which means watching Teenwolf, as is our annual tradition.” – Mike Bookey, Arts and Culture Editor

“I got what I wanted!  My 10 1/2 month old son has been refusing to say “mama” for the last few weeks and is constantly saying ‘dada’. This morning, I got “ma” and that is good enough for me.” - Amanda Klingman, Sales Director

“All I want to Valentine’s Day is to share several of my favorite loves with The Lust List’s Hottest Librarian. After spending the evening cooking pizza and cleaning the restaurant I moonlight at, all I want is a Sinistor (AKA love in a pint glass) and something with bacon (aka my one true love) on it for dinner. Perhaps my friend the hottest Librarian and I will indulge in some rom-com glory and watch 500 Days of Summer. Ooh la la.” – Anne Pick, Calendar Editor 

“I just want to play hockey.” – Eric Flowers, Editor in Chief



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