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What in the World: World Cup, Beer Runs, "Columbusing," Justice and Michael Jackson

Holy melodrama, Batman. Maybe we just don't get soccer/futball, but CNN's lead headline (or maybe just soccer in general) seems a tad sensational, no? "Can U.S. survive 'Group of Death'?" DUN DUN DUN... Under a subhead "Why should you care?" (thanks, CNN, some of us were definitely wondering) the article explains: "America can't very well be the world's super power and be mediocre at soccer." Hate to break it to you, CNN, but either you're wrong, or the U.S. isn't the world's super power. (We haven't made it to the World Cup semifinals since 1930.)

BEER: Just in time for the Bite of Bend Beer RunRunner's World has point-counterpoint that asks: "Is Drinking at Odds with Running?" The short version: Beer is poor fuel for the Ferraris that are fit runners vs. beer is the cherry on top of a fun, social run. What's your take? (Runner's World)

CULTURE: America. Rock and roll. Most "hip" neighborhoods. Twerking. Definitely, twerking. What do these things have in common? All are examples of what this College Humor video describes as "Columbusing" that is, when white folks act like they discovered something they totally didn't. Some commenters are claiming that the terms been tossed around by activists for ages, but this clever video is certainly bringing it into the mainstream. (HuffPo)

LAW + ORDER: Marissa Alexander, the Florida woman arrested for firing a warning shot when her then-husband allegedly lunged at her, threatening to kill her, is unlikely to serve any jail time  thanks to Gov. Rick Scott's revision of the state's "Stand Your Ground" law. The 31-year-old mother was initially sentenced to 20 years in prison for what many advocates called self-defense against potentially lethal domestic violence. (WJLA)

LAW + ORDER: The U.S. Supreme Court just struck down a Massachusetts law allowing "buffer zones" around clinics providing abortion services. The zones—in which protestors are not allowed to stand—were initially created in response to mass shootings at a number of clinics in the state. The Court says that the zones limit free speech more than is necessary to protect the "the Commonwealth's asserted interests." The irony: the Supreme Court has it's own no-protest buffer zone. (ThinkProgress)

MUSIC: Yesterday marked the 5 year anniversary of King of Pop Michael Jackson's death. Check out his very first moonwalk below. You have to wonder if he was concerned his footwork wouldn't be flashy enough in its own with all those sequins. What's your favorite Jackson jam?

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