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With Lars, the Crazy Just Keeps Coming

I never miss one of Lars Larson’s little commentaries on the Oregon Catalyst site. They’re some of the best free entertainment on the Web.

In his most recent entry, Lars warns of a sneaky plot by the Obama administration to ban bullets.

Well, it wasn’t exactly the Obama administration that wanted to ban bullets – it was some conservationist groups. And they didn’t want to ban all bullets, only lead bullets.

The conservationists don't want to get rid of lead bullets because they’re against guns or against hunting, but because lead is very toxic stuff. Birds and mammals – including bald eagles and rare and endangered California condors – feed on the carcasses of animals killed with lead bullets and die of lead poisoning.

But Lars doesn’t mention any of this; instead he sees the effort to eliminate lead ammunition as a “backdoor” attack on Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

A lead bullet ban, he fumes, “would make all ammunition much more expensive. It will make it more expensive for folks to own guns, practice with guns, and even shoot guns. It will make it more expensive for folks to arm themselves as the Constitution guarantees.”

Fortunately, Lars goes on, this sneak attack on our precious liberties was foiled: The Environmental Protection Agency turned down the conservationists’ plea to ban lead bullets “because there was so much public outcry.”

“Another win against the Obamanation,” Lars crows. Poison a condor for freedom today!

UPDATE:  According to the right-wing Weekly Standard blog, the EPA is still considering enacting a ban on lead bullets. Well, this wouldn't be the first time Lars has gotten his facts wrong.

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