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Letters to the Editor 3/2/22

Bringing back public meetings, running red lights and more in this week's Letters


Just moved to Bend recently (after visiting the last 15 years) and noticed the same problem here as back at our old home; so I'll offer the same suggestion to the local police department as I did back in NH. Here's a chance to make some extra money for the city as well as promote safety—station police cars at various traffic light intersections and start pulling over those cars running the red light—there are many of them.  I have learned not to proceed on my green light until I am sure I will not get sideswiped, so please don't give me the horn if you are in back of me. Word will get out that Bend police are enforcing traffic laws (and making some extra money for the city) and hopefully that will fix the problem.  

And while on the subject of safety, please if you are walking or riding your bike at dusk or later, carry a light so that you can be seen by us drivers!

Stay safe.     

—Gary Philippy

Letters to the Editor 3/2/22
Everybody be surfin'.... On maybe another day... @recreationleader tagged us in this post that highlights low levels in the Deschutes River. Share your photos with us and tag us @sourceweekly for a chance to be featured here and as the Instagram of the Week in the Cascades Reader. Winners get a free print from @highdesertframeworks.

RE: Neighborhoods Issue, Feature, 2/24

I am curious as to how the Awbrey Butte neighborhood earned the moniker "Environmentally Conscious Neighbors" (Trevor Bradford's article on p.21, Feb 24 issue on neighborhoods). The article gives no evidence, but rather emphasizes that most homes are "over $1 million" and that the folks of "this upper-class region have an upper-class selection of activities...".   The article concludes by noting "Large lot sizes for each home..." and finishes by once again describing Awbrey Butte as an "environmentally friendly neighborhood."

So...wealth and privilege equate to being environmentally conscious? No. Wealth equates to a higher carbon footprint and higher consumption of earth resources. Yet for some reason, we see all those lovely trees and think the mansion cloaked in their midst is somehow making this a greener world. Again, this is incorrect. The Earth is loaded with 7.9 billion people, and little Bend is bursting over 100,000. Massive consumption of resources and space is not environmentally sustainable. 

The path forward, where we all get to thrive on this beautiful planet, is one of fewer mansions and smaller lots and denser neighborhoods. Being environmentally conscious means reducing one's impact on this planet so that others may enjoy it too.

—Hal Wershow

Congressional District 5

The boundaries of Congressional District 5 have been redrawn, and over half of its voters are new to the district. All of us newbies need to get acquainted with the candidates seeking to represent us in new District 5.

Fortunately, for voters in Deschutes County, the choice in the May 17 Democratic primary between Jamie McLeod-Skinner and Kurt Schrader is an easy one. Although Kurt presents himself as the incumbent, 53% of the voters have never seen him on their ballots. And on the issues we care about, the choice is clear.

Jamie, unlike Kurt, won't vote to obstruct and undermine the climate action measures needed to stave off drought and climate crisis, and then pretend to support them. Jamie, unlike Kurt, believes that workers should be paid a living wage of at least $15/hour. Jamie, unlike Kurt, will vote to ensure that our drinking water is safe from pesticides and lead. Jamie, unlike Kurt, is wholeheartedly in favor of enabling Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. Jamie, unlike Kurt, won't be beholden to corporate donors because she doesn't take corporate PAC money. Jamie, unlike Kurt, has come out in favor of prohibiting Members of Congress from active stock trading.

In Central Oregon, we've seen Jamie in action. We know she is a pragmatic progressive who has demonstrated her ability to work with people of all political persuasions. That's why I will vote for Jamie—to elect someone who shares our values and who will work for us.

—Mary Chaffin

RE: RE: Time to Bring Back the Community Town Hall, Letter of the Week 2/24

Dear William,

The current form of local government is not a democracy—not a republic—not even a tyranny. We are currently being governed by a "Technocracy" and the sooner open public meetings resume, the better. Machines are firmly in control! Instead of Skynet of Terminator, our reality has the Cloud.

I look forward to my 3 minutes of Testimony upon resumption of meetings and invite the entire community to attend. I'm going to illustrate my opinions on poverty and the homeless —unveil a new Union Flag—claim my turf as Precinct Committee Person (Valued at $10,000) - speak to recycling and redemption.

Email went out to Perkins, Russell, Piper, Campbell and others regarding a new debate and discussion this morning.

—Justin Gottlieb via bendsource.com

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