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Feds, not Mayans,

Scoop Lewis “Ace Reporter,”

Tap into animal protection agencies like the Humane Society of the United States to get more accurate information about your Mayan Calendar theories.

Case in point, the thousands of blackbirds that fell out of the sky were poisoned by our federal government. The agency is called "Wildlife Services." The name has to be the joke of the century, almost a whole century of killing animals to appease the minority of consumptive Americans called ranchers.

Welfare ranchers are the "patriots" who hate wolves, hate coyotes, hate foxes, hate any animals except their beloved cows called beef, hate liberals, logic, Obama... These are the people the feds try to appease (unsuccessfully) by spending millions of tax-payer dollars to trap, shoot, beat, drown, asphyxiate and poison wild animals with Compound 1080 and sodium cyanide - at the astonishing rate of 4 million animals per year. The issues are well documented in two films by 21st Paradigm - Cull of the Wild: The Truth Behind Trapping, and Cost of Freedom (www.21paradigm.com).

The war on wildlife goes on, the public oddly oblivious to the fact that the raptors are gone, the predators are gone, the bison, gone, their homes paved over for malls, car lots and cookie cutter homes. Have another hamburger. Another steak. Another child. The nightmare will soon be over.

– Vanessa Schulz, Bend

Editor’s note: The writer is an independent filmmaker based in Bend who operates 21st Paradigm Films.

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