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His Cold Dead Hands

I recently read your article on your opposition to the Second Amendment and wanting to have all those who have concealed permits disclosed and published.

Several years ago one of my family members was assaulted while attending an event out in rural Deschutes County. I could not defend the family member and law enforcement was over 20 minutes away. There are times where we cannot count on law enforcement to protect ourselves and thus the reason I applied and secured a concealed permit. I do not fear that co-workers, neighbors and others may carry a handgun, as that is a given right by our government. We have rights, just as you have the right to publish a weekly liberal "fish wrapper" and you cannot pick and choose which rights we keep and those we should change - it is all in or all out.

If you are afraid of those who may carry, why stop there, let's publish a list of all those who "touch" kids, have HIV, or drive drunk all the time, they are more of a threat to our safety than those who have an approved permit.

Just remember, Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun!!!


Editor's note: Ted Kennedy's car notwithstanding, there were 31,000 gun related deaths in the United States in 2005, the last year for which the Center for Disease Control has numbers. That's a statistical rate of about 14 deaths per 100,000 people - the highest in the developed world and more than triple the rate in Canada and more than ten times the rate in Ireland and Spain. Researchers have also found that homes with firearms are at least five times more likely to see a suicide than those without guns, even when other risk factors are considered. In other words Anonymous, the person who you pose the greater danger to is yourself . And as a matter of clarification, we never claimed that we would publish the list of names, we simply asked to see it. In addition, the story did not take issue with the Second Amendment as you say, it focused on concealed carry laws. Nobody is trying to take your gun away, Haus. We just want to know if you're bringing it to work.

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