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Letter of the Week: Democracy loses

Letter to the editor.

This week's letter come from Sue Bastian who takes direct aim at the recent Supreme Court decision that removed campaign spending restrictions on corporations in federal elections, a move that is expected to increase Corporate America's influence on our government. Thanks for the letter Sue. You can pick up your winner's spoils, a bag of Strictly Organic Coffee at our office, 704 NW Georgia - no corporate influence peddling required.

The Supremes pounded the final nail in the coffin of democracy with their recent decision to unleash the few remaining restraints on the corporados and banksters to own and control government.

In 1886, the Supremes granted personhood to corporations endowing these artificial entities (legal fictions) with all the rights of real persons except the right to vote.

In 1976, the Supremes ruled that money is synonymous with free speech essentially deciding that corporations could buy elections using money as an expression of free speech. Now corporations could vote.

The McCain-Feingold Act in 2002 restricted some of the more onerous practices of corporations in federal elections.

In 2010, the Supreme GiveAway reversed McCain-Feingold removing the restraints on corporate contributions to buy everything and everyone with impunity.

The "Get Guvment Off The Backs of the People" crowd is undoubtedly elated with the decision. Now the corporations, not the "guvment" can call all the shots. Issues including war, health care, drugs, privatized prisons and schools, abortion, immigration, resources, energy and environmental issues will be decided by corporations rather than real people.

The federal government is essentially redundant. Time to cut out the "Big Guvment" middle man and close the Big Brokerage Firm on the Potomac. Just send your tax money directly to Chase Manhattan, Halliburton, Exxon-Mobil, Monsanto or your favorite multi-national corporation.

The Corporate Coup is Complete.

God Bless the Corporados!

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