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Thank you, especially to the men on your staff who participated in writing the "Manning Up" piece last week. Every person is challenged to see his/her own flawed presumptions, but many of those don't create the vast cultural dissonance of what you called "toxic masculinity." (Of course some women also have this quality, as well as men of other cultures and ethnicities.) Aggression pervades U.S. culture alongside the idea that we should receive what we want—prescriptions for disappointment, disregard, and violence. Your piece was a blessing. May each of us see more examples of equanimity, especially from the males in our lives.

With appreciation and respect.

—Sandy Thompson


"Her statement served as a chilling reminder that Oregon public colleges cannot ban people with legally obtained concealed carry permits from carrying guns on their campuses."

A "chilling reminder"? Are you insinuating that a cold-blooded murderer would have been thwarted in their evil plan to kill innocent people if only responsible citizens had been banned from carrying a means of defending themselves? You do realize the bad guy was already the only one in the room with a gun, don't you?

—Concerned Citizen

Editor's note: Multiple media reports indicate that John Parker, Jr., a military veteran and UCC students who ran toward the scene after the shooting started, was carrying a concealed handgun at the time of the attack, but declined to use it. (We initially misidentified the armed individual. We regret the error.)


Freedom of speech works both ways, folks. You can proudly fly your historical symbol of hate, racism, and pain for no acceptable reason. And I can proudly choose to call you out for the inconsiderate bigoted morons that you are.  Kudos to you, Source Weekly, for representing the majority of people in this community who understand that the incredibly offensive ideals the Confederate flag stands for have no place in this community, or this country!



I thought I might take a minute to ask you a question. What bars are you guys going to?! In your Riverside article, my beloved Marketgrumblingepeatedly referred to as a bar. I don't know what bars you're going to, but on the rare occasion I get to go to an actual bar, it certainly doesn't look like a scene at The Market on a Friday 7 pm. I went there for an after-dinner ice cream (yeah, ice cream, from a cooler, because it's a market) last Friday with my 1 and 9-year-old kids, and the only other patrons outside with us were other families!! There were a few impossibly adorable babies, and a few older kids that mine played with. Most were finishing up their dinner, which varies beyond the grilled cheeses you suggested. My favorites are the organic apple sauces in kids meals, Hawaiian pulled pork taco special, the steak chop salad, and the black bean burger. Not to mention the kombucha on tap.

Since it's an actual market, not a bar, I can go in the morning, get my coffee and a fresh baked donut, get organic vegan granola bars for the kids' lunch pails, pick up cat food or tampons or whatever, and grab a deli sandwich for later.

It's a great place to grab an after school snack and socialize with neighborhood kids. In our case, it is a great place to wait out midtown traffic. Or wait for my hunny to get off work (we carpool for the environment). I honestly do not know what I would do without the Market. My partner is a contractor, and has found numerous jobs through morning coffee had there.

It is an easy place to pick up household essentials (they wouldn't sell them if people didn't buy them, and what, do you want 7-Eleven having that money instead of a local business?) It is a morning meeting place, a community hub, a staple in my life.

My point is, if you're going to be a "source" for the news, you ought to do so without what appears to be bias, you ought to get all sides of a story. You spoke to "the neighbors" you didn't speak to patrons, like myself, that rely on The Riverside Market. Although, if I were to judge the outcome of that on your past behavior, I would be led to assume you would target any bad egg you could find and blow it out of proportion, instead of speaking to the respected families and businesswomen and men that are regulars.

And holy crap, why hasn't anyone asked "the neighbors" why they have their panties in a twist about this and not about the health of the river they moved here from California to enjoy? Why aren't reporters scrutinizing the fact that these people are not raising a stink about the increased traffic due to the water park, or the fact that it's construction has completely desecrated our river. If they were so concerned with our community instead of their idea of what the westside should be, there would be equal spotlight on pressing community issues. How about a speed bump and crosswalks on Riverside?! If they are so concerned with their community they should take an interest in Dam Busters and the Deschutes Defenders, and the filth leftover from the waterpark construction.

Stop taking the heart out of the Westside, people. You want a planned, controlled community that reflects your idea of PacNW living? Move to Northwest Crossing.

Hopefully, this one-sided paper doesn't edit down and take my words out of context in a manner that supports their own motives, as you have been known to do. Us locals are grumbling about your reliability.

—Kate Dollar

Kate—We are fond of and have frequently patronized Riverside Market & Pub (we didn't make that last part up, it's in the name). Many a grilled cheese and tots have been enjoyed there (what can we say, some of us are vegetarians, and grilled cheese is always a solid choice), sometimes with a glass of kombucha, beer, or a mixed drink. We've also written about the Deschutes Defenders and will continue to cover issues pertaining to river quality and the impacts of recreation on wildlife habitat. Still, we appreciate you taking the time to write. Have a cup of coffee at Palate on us, and perhaps sit down with some past issues of the Source to check out our coverage of other pressing community issues.

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