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Wow...I think someone owes the crowd of Bend residents that took time from their day, their families and their jobs a big apology for the no-show that happened Thursday at City Hall. Everyone was shocked to hear—after waiting almost 20 minutes for proceedings to start—that another seemingly concerned party got his days wrong. The December 3 date has been in the paper for weeks! The preservation of Troy Field as a public facilities designation is a very real and important issue for this community...but obviously not to some key players. And shame on them for showing such disrespect to everyone that took the time to attend. I have lived in Bend since 1997 and have played with children and dogs in that field, attended music and art festivals in that field. Apparently the next hearing is December 15 at 9:30, and I sincerely hope that this lack of respect and show of poor judgment doesn't repeat itself.

—Diana Brown


I am going to not only vote against this tax, I am going to campaign against it. It is readily apparent to anyone that our streets are in tremendous disrepair and need to be fixed. It is equally apparent that new funding is needed to catch up. It is a great idea to capture tourist money to help pay for it as they contribute to the problem. It is also a good idea to tax vehicle use for a vehicle caused problem.

So, if I recognize all this why am I so opposed? I do not trust the city government. I will tell you exactly what will happen. Currently, city management puts X dollars into the street fund. Then, they get a source of new revenue. Guarantee you that some council person will get a pet project, they will buy some equipment that does not work, not do a project properly, cave to the builders' association for reduction of SDCs, and so on. Where will the money for this come? Easy answer. It will come from the X dollars that is currently budgeted for streets. Guaranteed.

Why do I have such a distrust of city government? This distrust has come about the old fashioned way: They have earned it.

—Dan Cooper


So, as a taxpayer and a fuel purchaser here in Bend, I would like to know what the city spends their road maintenance budget on. Is it the millions that was overspent on the worthless Reed Market project? Is it all the useless roundabouts that nobody knows how to drive around? Roundabout art? How can they be so broke that they tell the road crews not to throw cinders unless it's in an intersection, and its only the first snow of the season! And now they are wanting us to vote for a new fuel tax? Something smells very fishy about the whole thing.

I want Bend and the city council to be held accountable for misspending our tax money. Reed Market didn't solve any traffic problems...but oh it is pretty now! Ever try driving down Reed Market, Wilson, Bond, and 3rd street at 4 o'clock? Fix the roads—don't just pretty them up. And have enough vision, yes all you people that want Bend to become bigger with lots more people so you can make more money, to at least see what more people brings to the traffic situation. They can say they are broke and need us to vote yes on the new tax... but I call that BS. They need to spend the money they have on things that are really needed and be more frugal with it. It can be done without milking more money out of the Bend Minions.

—Mark A. Faccone


These people sneaked across our border rather then entering our country in accordance with our laws, so they are here illegally. They are not American citizens, so the correct term for them is "illegal alien," not "undocumented worker" or "disfavored minority" or any other euphemism.

It's very difficult to believe that illegal aliens have developed a sudden desire to "do things right" when the first thing they did was to violate our immigration laws to come here and remain here illegally. It's a lot easier to believe that they are lusting after the additional benefits conveyed by a state driver's license. But if the pangs of conscience are becoming too distressing, it's good to know that there is a way for them to get a driver's license without having to go through a lawsuit. Simply come into our country legally, become a US citizen through naturalization, and then you can be issued a driver's license and enjoy the other benefits of citizenship. Start obeying our laws and you will find that you will not need to be filing lawsuits alleging discrimination.

And by the way, Norman Williams is a liar when he states that Republicans are "hostile toward immigration." Republicans and the majority of Americans are hostile toward ILLEGAL immigration. Leaving out the most important word in that sentence does not validate charges of xenophobia, racism, or hatred of Mexicans. It's just cheap liberal dishonesty, although that is something Americans have come to expect from many university professors.

Responsible journalists ensure that both sides of an issue are represented in every story. Why are there no quotes in this article from anyone who is in favor of Measure 88?

—Hal Jordan


Immediately on the heels of decisions to remove protections from wolves and to establish free fire zones against cougars, the [Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife] Commission will meet this Friday to consider yet another rules change that would fly in the face of scientifically-based predator management. They will consider removing relocation as an option and substituting lethal measures to deal with cougars found in urban areas. Please notify the ODFW Commission at dfw.state.or.us/agency/commission/minutes/15/12_december/Exhibit_D_Attachment_1_Agenda_Item_Summary.pdf. Our City is already on record in opposition to automatic extermination. In a letter to ODFW dated May 6, 2015, Mayor Clinton wrote, ". . . If relocating a cougar is feasible, both from a biological perspective and human-safety perspective, it would be a more desirable outcome for the community than killing the animal."

—Foster Fell


My husband and I have been diehard Raider fans since we moved to Oakland in 1980. We have relocated to Bend, Oregon and were thrilled to find Aaron and his B.O.R.N. group. It is amazing to get together every Sunday at the Summit to watch the games with a great group of fellow fans. We have made new friends and love the work Aaron and the B.O.R.N. members do for the community. Thank you for all you do, Aaron! GO RAIDERS!!!

—Lori Gallen

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