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Letters 3/27 - 4/4


Thank you, Source Weekly, for publishing the piece on the Ramos Family. The stories of Latinos in our community are not often told. A project produced by local volunteers, called "Borderless Stories," first circulated in Bend at Art Walk, and then made the rounds of our county library system. It is now traveling the state with the help of the Rural Organizing Project (ROP). "Borderless Stories" tell the personal immigration stories of nine Latino families in our area. In these stories Latino families share their experiences with our community, their dreams for the future and why they came to America and to Bend. Having helped present this project, here and in Corvallis, I have witnessed only positive responses towards these family stories. Latino families represent 7.8 percent of the population of Deschutes County, Oregon. They pay taxes, often work two jobs, and support our economy with their large purchasing power. My life has personally been enriched by being around them. Their work ethic, sense of community, and the way they value family members is admirable. They are often here doing jobs others are not interested in. It's important for all of us to get to know more about our local Latino families. Too often stereotypical opinions develop because we don't really know people. Thanks again for helping Bend to see the Ramos Family.

Mimi Graves


Thanks to Erin Foote Marlowe for this piece written from a thoughtful, reflective point of view. She discusses several points that are just facts and that's it. Coming not from a place a fear she is able to present gun ownership in straightforward terms. There's also acknowledgement that some things in this world are the way they are and we have a responsibility to ourselves and to our children to be prepared. There is something to be said for facing this issue head-on and taking action to reduce our own fears with education and empowerment. Well done, Erin.

Fawn Sybrant


Childproof the ammo. Place factory ammo in a new cardboard box and duct tape that box. Tape a box knife to the box for emergency opening. Place the box in plain view for monitoring. Do not store loaded guns in a house with children. Guns are explosive and you just loaded and armed the device. Why would you endanger your family? You just became the threat to their safety.

Gary Register


Great article! Questions missed: Is this my second most important right? Do I have the right to own this weapon? Answer this, Ms. Left, and we have a discussion. I applaud you for being proactive with your planning. The next steps are practice, and teaching your bears that the gun in the closet is not a coiled snake. The gun in the closet is a mix of the smoke detector, the sawsall in the shed and your average butcher knife. Danger is in the hand, not the object. Bless you and I'd be happy to shoot anytime.



I lived in Anchorage from May of 1977 to December of 2012 and NEVER once saw anyone walking down the street with a rifle or shotgun slung over their shoulder anywhere in town, much less downtown. Erin, get real!

Kevin Meyer

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