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And yet I haven't heard of a single house burning down or dude dying of a heart attack, because the fire department didn't arrive fast enough. Am I wrong?

— Anonymous

Editor's Note: Actually, yes. In an August 15, 2013 article, "Canary in a Coal Mine," we reported on a sobering report and on testimony at City Council from an emergency room doctor that details the life-or-death consequences for the current under funding of Bend's fire department. In the prior year, at least three cases when firefighters were not able to provide resources fast enough ended up in deaths. Bottom line: The fire department needs more resources. Thank you for the opportunity for us to once again state: VOTE YES ON MEASURE 9-97.


Maybe you should read the article over again. In one "abdominal catastrophe," Reed said, "someone died in front of two medics who couldn't get help" in time. Another was a respiratory case, in which it took 19 minutes for an ambulance to show up. A third death happened, he said, because crews were all out "on a big fire or something," and there was "an incredibly long response time to somebody who shouldn't have died—a respiratory death. On Thursday, he was even more blunt about the importance of the fire funding measure. "It's an absolute need," Capell said. "There are people who are going to die if we don't pass the bond measure."

— Anonymous


Too often I think, we take our Bend Fire and Rescue teams and the emergency staff at St. Charles for granted. (On a recent) Friday, I got to see both performing in action, turning an almost certain mortality into a now-recovering patient. Kudos to both. You lived up to a high standard of excellence.

— Bob Woodward


Nice letter from Kelly Sivirena, of DogPAC, encouraging dog owners to pick up piles of poop in baggies. Now, we have trails littered with dog poop in baggies. I hope DogPAC can finish the owner training on this trick.

— Mathieu Federspiel


I had to rent a vacation rental at almost twice the monthly cost of a regular rental for two months before I found a place in October of last year. Something has to change, and I just hope that it's for the better.

The Bend bubble is back.

— Anonymous


I had the misfortune of arriving at the dog park at the same time as the Sheriff. It was difficult for me to see the owner of the deceased dog sitting on the ground next to her pet. As a retired dog trainer (20 years), I never trained a dumb dog, just a large number of misinformed owners. The American bulldog was a fully mature and large animal. There is little chance that the owner had never seen her dog display aggressive behavior in the past.

The dog should not have been at the park. People and owners of small dogs put themselves and their pets at risk by being exposed to large dogs running around at full speed. Small dogs need their own space to play; perhaps a fenced area within the dog park. I was surprised to learn that in Deschutes County, a dog that kills livestock will be put down, yet the dog that kills another dog can go free with no more than a slap on the paw. Someone needs to look into rewriting that statute.

As for the owners who refuse to put their dog on leash in a posted area, because their dog is friendly—the dog that is on the leash may not be. Even the most sociable dog off leash can become a highly aggressive dog when on leash. I would suggest that all pet owners invest in a can of citronella spray. It will be the best $12 they ever spent.

— George Brant


Bring back the textbooks. Kids spend enough time on electronic devices, ruining their eyesight, (not developing) social skills and getting fat and lazy. Took my child out of Summit halfway through the school year and glad he had to give that (iPad) back.

— Jacy Sequeira Brooks


Bend can keep its dispensaries. We will take better infrastructure, better urban-growth planning, and a proactive approach to city maintenance and governance. I have nothing in particular against medical marijuana, but it is not how I decide whether a city is working hard for the community as a whole. The folks working for Redmond are devoted, brilliant and passionate about the community. They have been making bold moves and developing visionary plans, while Bend squabbles and stagnates. If medical marijuana is the only gauge you use to decide whether a community is livable and well governed, then you can live 15 minutes down the road, where there are dozens of dispensaries (and crumbling infrastructure).

— Jessica Rowan


Paul Weaver of rural Toledo, Ore., has announced a write-in effort to defeat incumbent Sen. Jeff Merkley in the upcoming May primary. He is a Nebraska native and has lived in Oregon since 1977. He has a degree in business administration from Eastern Washington State College (now Eastern Washington University) in Cheney, Wa. Paul is a retired locomotive engineer with 30 years of service.

Weaver's main thrust is the need to get Washington's spending binge under control, balance the budget and start paying down our national debt. Spending other people's money is easy and addictive, but it will not last indefinitely. Just like individuals and corporations, governments can go broke. If the United States does go broke, most savings and retirement accounts (public and private) will disappear, unemployment will explode and we will all lose what stability is left in our government.

Why vote for Weaver?

He does not need the job or the ego trip. He will not solicit or accept campaign contributions and in keeping with his commitment to fiscal responsibility, his goal is to spend no more than $750 of his own money on his campaign. His prayer is that Democrat voters will understand that he will take this same common sense approach to Washington, D.C.

For more information, visit his website: paulweaverforussenate.com.

— Paul Weaver campaign

Letters of the Week

Run, Paul, run! Does a $5 gift certificate to Crows Feet Commons count toward your $750 goal? We hope not. Once you're done pounding the pavement, give yourself a treat (on us, for Letter of the Week). Kudos for leaping into democracy with such abandon.

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