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Feeling the Heat: Knopp & Whisnant Get Grilled at Town Hall in Bend (3/31)

Oh, Whisnant got pretty aggressive at the Sunriver town hall too. Knopp actually had to stop him because it was getting embarrassing. It was pathetic to see our "representative" get visually heated when anyone made a comment that opposed his point of view. He needs to move back to North Carolina where his manner and politics are better suited. I lost count of the blatant contradictions that they both made throughout the meeting.

— Bill Morst, via bendsource.com

In Response to, This just in: Rep. Greg Walden announces a Bend town hall (4/4)

The three main questions:

1. Why are you not working toward impeaching #45?

2. Why do you still call yourself a Republican?

3. What is wrong with you?

— Calvin Mann, via bendsource.com

I want to know why he thinks taking $155,000 from ISP's to be convinced they should be able to sell our browsing data is a better representation of his constituency than working to overturn Citizens United and reduce the influence of lobbying money in our elected officials' decisions.

— Paul Gress, via facebook.com

I'd like to give him a map of the area he represents so he can see it does not include the White House and also GPS as apparently it is very hard for him to find Bend, Medford, Klamath and other populated areas in his constituency .... maybe then he can return more than every few years

— Sahnya Greenfield, via facebook.com

This will be something to see...I'll get the popcorn

— Emily Garcia, via facebook.com

In Response to, The Black Market Business of Daycare (4/ 5)

Still trying to secure care for my daughter - she's 2 months old and we've been contacting daycares and been on waitlists since I was 4 months pregnant. The earliest we've found available was about 1 year out from her birth - hardly a feasible option for a working mom. The cost for infant care averages about the same as we pay in rent for a daycare and even more for a nanny.

Currently, trying to secure a teacher/friend as a nanny for the summer and maybe availability will open up at one of the daycares in the Fall or we may try to find others in the same situation as us and interested in a "nanny share" (to help offset the higher cost.) I certainly intend to find legal/licensed and professional care for my daughter, but I can see how others have felt that they didn't have many options. Leaving your child(ren) in the care of someone else is difficult to say the least. Every parent trusts that they are leaving their child(ren) with someone responsible and loving and it's deplorable that there are people in this world that take advantage of that trust and knowingly endanger and neglect the child(ren) in their care.

— Jen Inskeep Korinke, via facebook.com

We are lucky enough to have retired parents close by. I couldn't imagine trying to pay for childcare while in college with a partner that is a full time teacher. If COCC and OSU Cascades would offer child care enrollment numbers would go through the roof. Instead, COCC built a 30 million dollar dorm that is half full.

— Tori Pearce, via facebook.com

In Response to, Letters to the Editor (4 /5)

Oregon has been fortunate in having had two courageous senators. Note, I said "having had" and not "having." I am referring to Henry Lane and Wayne Morse. Both had the courage and integrity to stand in opposition to overwhelming votes in the senate. In Henry Lane's case he was one of six senators who refused to vote for Woodrow Wilson's plan to have the United States enter what was supposed to be the war to end all wars but became the First World War instead. Students of that war appreciate how disastrous that misadventure was. Others will cling to the war's attendant myths. Wayne Morse was part of a much smaller minority when he and Senator Ernest Gruening (D-Alaska) were the only senators to refuse to vote for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution to give Lyndon Johnson authority to engage U.S. troops in Vietnam without a formal declaration of war in response to an alleged attack on a U.S. Navy ship patrolling in the Gulf of Tonkin that proved to be more fiction than fact.

Fast forward to April 6, and we find our current senators joining all the lemmings buying into what was very likely a false flag event in Syria with the alleged chemical agent dispersed in Idlib Province in Syria despite varying theories as to the cause being available for consideration. In other words, a rush to judgment without a proper investigation to get at the facts as in the Tonkin Gulf incident when more war is a risk. Note that an earlier gas attack in 2013 was attributed to the Assad regime, but that accusation was not sustained after independent scrutiny.

There was a very good debate at Consortium News (dot com) making a case for a false flag event in Khan Sheikhoun more plausible. On the home front, our two senators do a reasonably good job, but when it comes to foreign affairs they leave much to be desired.

— Bill Bodden, via bendsource.com


Bill – Thanks for the history lesson, and for your choice to neither completely denigrate our leaders nor accept all their decisions carte blanche. I call that paying attention! Come on down for your gift card to Palate.

—Nicole Vulcan, Editor

Correction: In the Beer Issue (3/29) we incorrectly reported that North Rim Brewing had a location open in the Old Mill. This location is now closed and was not officially affiliated with the brewery. North Rim Brewing is located at 20650 NE High Desert Lane with a tasting room opening sometime in 2017. Stop by the brewery for a tour—but make an appointment first.

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