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Letters 9/11 - 9/19

In reply to "The circus is coming to town, but how?" (Letter to the Editor, 9/19)

I just read the letter from Marianne and I would like to say thank you! Elephants in the circus have a terrible life! Even if their handlers aren't using razor sharp sticks to hit them with (which many do...I've seen it caught on tape and became physically ill). I have two grown children, and we boycotted any type of circus that exploited exotic animals as they were growing up. My kids are just fine! They didn't miss out on anything! I was actually quite shocked that in a place like Bend, where our dogs are family, we are allowing such activities! I love watching the human acrobatic feats at the circus! Can't the Ringling Bros just bring their humans?!? Think of the money they'd save! Here is to hoping that their first trip here will be their last! The less tickets we buy the better!

—Heidi Howard

In reply to "One Day at a Time" (Up Front, 8/29)

I was wondering if I move to Bend could I get a job as your "One Day at a Time" columnist, because I am proficient at phrases like "d-bag," and "shit-talking" and am adept at the use of bold print, ALL CAPS, and Dunh-dunh-DUNNNNNHHH! Italized phrases like "every drop of sperm."

Or...you could pay attention to the readers like those I was visiting who are embarrassed by the juvenile rantings of Ann Romano and create a gossip column worth reading. I presume her style is an attempt at humor, but IN OTHER TERRIBLE NEWS...many of your readers are over 20 and expect more from their local paper. If you can't manage class, then at least provide some clever writing, or STOP THE PRESSES!, something actually entertaining.

(Ummmm, we didn't enjoy Miley Cyrus's performance, either, so why is a gross pose of her act reproduced in Romano's August 28 column?)

With a community like yours, certainly someone can deliver news about the rich and famous in a way that doesn't offend, in a language used outside the Valley-girl, OMG crowd.



Georgia Martin

In reply to "City Council Roundup" (News, 9/19)

Business slowed down because that was the day after Labor Day—summer was over and everyone was gearing up for kids in school. Why isn't Brother Jon's complaining? Now we have to hurry and get this done and pay overtime so 10 barrel can have a better bridge and sidewalk on their street.


In reply to "One Less Venue: Sound Garden Studio to Close" (BENT Blog, 9/11)

People should be aware of the complaints made by the neighbors. We could all learn from this experience. My feeling is that it is most likely a problem with kids that are not really there to support the functions being held inside, but instead camping out on the adjacent private properties, and leaving a mess behind them. I could be wrong. I've seen adults acting even worse. Start having some consideration for these places, grow up and quit f*** up our venues CHILDREN. Try to find something to offer and be a more positive part of it. These places are not here to serve your spoiled asses.

—Mackle Milker

In reply to "Uproar at the OLCC" (News, 9/9)

As a former Bend/Eugene/Portland resident, I still chuckle from afar that Oregon, a State that in so many ways embodies the American West independent, self-reliant ethos, still allows a State sponsored MAFIA to run their liquor system. Get out of the dark ages Oregon and let the free-market determine how, when, and where to sell ADULT beverages. The days of the puritanical State looking out for your best interests are over.

Oh and by the way, taxation on alcohol can still work, without ruining Oregon's vaunted NO SALES TAX STATUS, which unfortunately is also quite laughable and antiquated.

—Latham Woodward

Three Sisters Wilderness Area

I thought the Three Sisters Wilderness Area was a pristine jewel in the backyard of Bend, until we ran into a ranger on the trail to Moraine Lake.  Ranger Bill was doing his job checking permits and took the time to educate us on what it means to count the visitors and track data for this area. He indicated that the Three Sisters Wilderness area is one of the top 3 most visited national forests in the United States. Doesn't that make you proud?  That day he counted 250 hikers on their way to summit South Sister.  He said in that day he received 70% compliance for hikers registering a permit. 30% who did not.  The permit is free, but that could change.  In less than 10 years we may see a fee imposed to hike to the top of South Sister.  What disgusted Ranger Bill the most was the amount of human waste found at campsites and along the trails. Obviously hikers are not following the basic rule of what you pack in you pack out. For Bend and Central Oregon residents, this is our backyard.  Can you imagine taking a crap in your own backyard and leaving it for someone else to find?  That is disgusting.  Come hikers, do your part to keep the Three Sisters Wilderness Area a national treasure to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.  What you pack in pack out.  

—Carol Reid

Letter of the Week!

Does a bear sheet in the woods? You betcha! But he doesn't have thumbs, people. Carol, for your public health reminder, we gladly award you "letter of the week." Stop by our offices and pack out a gift certificate to Crow's Feet Commons.

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