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Letters to the Editor 07/04/2024

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An open letter to Reps. Kropf and Levy and Senate candidate Broadman

I am sure that you saw the recent reports of the huge bed shortage that exists in regard to addicts seeking help towards recovery.

The changes made to Measure 110 say that if an addict is arrested he/she can voluntarily be diverted to treatment to avoid jail time. How will that work if there are more addicts seeking treatment than there are available beds?

What are you going to do as state legislators to make sure there are more beds and more staff? Will you call for and fight for a bigger budget?

If beds aren't available, when an addicted person seeks help and none is available the most likely scenario is that they continue using. Unless, of course, they are imprisoned. Where, actually, drugs and alcohol can be pretty accessible.

Two of you championed this change in Measure 110.

So, I would like to know: What will you do? What legislation will you propose? How much are you willing to budget? Will you lead the fight for this?

— Michael Funke

Water Usage

How can the City of Bend claim to be a leader in the conservation of water when they approve developers to put in large strips of grass alongside the roads? The 10-foot-wide green grass meridians along Butler Market and Deschutes Market Road, surrounding a vacant tract, is a glaring example of this. Then let's take a look at the grass strips going into the Old Mill District and lining Brookswood just as starters.

I would suggest cleaning your own house before using our dollars to clean up others.

—John Eskew

Assault of Mothers at Rodeos

The wild cow milking event, showcased at the La Pine Rodeo the first weekend in July every year, is a troubling spectacle. What does this event entail? A mother cow is separated from her baby calf, released into an arena, roped and wrestled into submission by a gang of rodeo performers. This helpless new mother is rendered immobile, with one or two performers holding her head in a lock while others pull her tail and another forcibly robs her of her milk. All this happens while the crowd cheers, further terrifying this innocent and docile animal.

Though this gross act of violence is not sanctioned by the PRCA, they do absolutely nothing to stop it. Central Oregon, it's time to support prosocial events in our area that do not exploit animals for the sole purpose of human entertainment. We must take a stand and stop celebrating public displays of animal abuse.

Visit copak.org to learn how you can help. Reach out to La Pine Community Health Center and Cascade Natural Gas and ask them why they support animal abuse and the mistreatment of new mothers in the rodeo.

—Elsa Barnes

Rodeo Schmodeo

In response to all the letters about rodeos, I give you "speciesism" (/ˈspiːʃiːˌzɪzəm, -siːˌzɪz-/), a term coined by Richard D. Ryer. It's defined as "a prejudice or attitude of bias in favor of the interests of members of one's own species and against those of members of other species."

The belief that humans, as a supposedly superior species, have the right to use non-human animals as we wish fuels systemic and institutional exploitation of animals. This extends to all economic sectors: the food industry, animal testing, medicine, clothing, labor and transport, tourism, entertainment, trophy hunting....and rodeos. Follow the money.

Flight/fight, freeze and shutdown are biological responses to threat or danger in human and non-human animals. Imagine this: an electric prod is applied to your ass; you're chased with no chance of escape, caught, thrown down, tied up and immobilized. Please imagine the pain and terror of that animal being forced into this "sport." Do not for a minute think....

No harm done! Horses, bulls, steer, and calves suffering broken ribs, backs and legs, torn tails, punctured lungs, internal organ damage, ripped tendons, torn ligaments, snapped necks and agonizing deaths. (Animal Legal Defense Fund)

If we cease our denial and rationalization and give this issue serious thought, we'll stop watching animal torture and calling it sport, or upholding it as the great Western way of life. There are other ways and we're a much more inventive, creative species than that.

—Krayna Castlebaum

Women's votes

I don't need to write ALL the rights that have been taken away from women because you already know. I don't need to write ALL the rights that are being spoken about being taken away because it's on the news. The only thing that's left that I am not aware of that would take away a woman's rights is the right to vote. You think that will never happen? Did you think all the women's rights that have already been taken away would happen in this day and age?

—Angela Kamm

Letter of the Week:

Thanks to both Krayna and Angela for their letters this week. Two Letters of the Week! Come on into the Source office to grab a gift card to Palate.

—Nicole Vulcan

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