Letters to the Editor 08/04/2022 | The Source Weekly - Bend, Oregon

Letters to the Editor 08/04/2022

One of the advantages of getting up early is that you can see a sunrise all to yourself. @vitalityinfocus snagged this photo on a recent camping trip and we were lucky enough for her to share it with us! Where's your favorite spot to watch the sunset? Don't forget to share your photos with us and tag @sourceweekly for a chance to be featured as Instagram of the week and in print as our Lightmeter. Winners receive a free print from @highdesertframeworks.

Fire Alarm Suggestions in case of a wildfire in Central Oregon:

Prior to a wildfire emergency:

  • Top off vehicle fuel frequently.
  • Carry water, food, medications and extra clothing.
  • Inspect contents and carry a first aid kit.
  • Carry flashlights and flares.
  • Carry masks for protection against smoke.
  • Keep cell phones fully charged.
  • Record numbers of emergency agencies such as fire and police as well as 911.
  • Carry cash and credit cards at all times.
  • Arrange for safety of important documents.
  • Arrange for the safety, transport and basic needs of pets and animals.
  • Plans in case of eminent danger:
  • Comply with orders to evacuate.
  • Notify friends and family of departure and destination.
  • Monitor information about dangerous areas, travel conditions, weather, road closures, etc.
  • Travel east toward Great Basin where there is less chance to encounter fire, winds, smoke and traffic.
  • Be aware that you may encounter people who are not prepared and may need your help.

—Sue Bastian

Rape in Bend

On Sat., July 16, a Bend woman in her 50s was attacked on her way home. She was raped. She was beaten. She was robbed. The rape kit identified the man who raped her. I met her at her place of work on Wed., July 21. She was back at work with a swollen, blackened face just five days after this event. Five days, and back to work.

This happens in Bend. It happens right here. We—both men and women—have to speak up for an end to violence against women. Bring it up in conversation. Don't wait for the "right time" to express yourself. It's OK to feel clumsy and not know what to say, try anyhow, practice. If you think "it's a delicate conversation, so I don't want to make someone uncomfortable" well you're wrong. Your silence is wrong. Ask someone who has experienced physical or sexual violence if it's OK to talk about it, and then respect their answer, but at least ask. Tell them that you want to help, but don't know how. Express your intolerance. Express your disgust. Offer your help repeatedly: again and again and again. The bruises and scars may go away, but the trauma is still there.

Please support the following Bend businesses who contributed to a support package for this woman: Haven Home Style on Bond St., Oregon Body & Bath on Wall St., and SMOKELORE on NW Hill St. Thank you to the Bend Police Department for their professionalism in this matter.

Saving Grace of Central Oregon is a resource for women experiencing abuse in Bend and their 24-hour hotline is: 541-389-7021

— Hannah Kellogg, MPH, LEED-AP

Psilocybin Services Program

I'd like to thank Mary Fleischmann for raising the important questions regarding the therapy assisted psilocybin program, known as measure 109. I agree, it is a process, and the state of Oregon is the first in the nation to do so. Talk about pressure!! To begin, I highly recommend checking out the OHA website (https://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/PREVENTIONWELLNESS/Pages/Psilocybin-Advisory-Board-Meetings.aspx) that dives deeply into all facets of the requirements, specifications and guidelines for licensing, manufacturing, service centers and training. One item to note, the recommendations by the PAB (Psilocybin Advisory Board, comprised of medical and behavioral professionals) are yet to be officially adopted by OHA. We anticipate this to happen in November of 2022. 

I'd like to touch on a few items Mary mentioned. First, Psilocybin facilitators. Facilitators must be licensed and successfully navigate a HECC, DOJ approved educational program, internship and pass a state exam. Then a facilitator can process a client through the therapy assisted psilocybin experience. This will include a medical assessment, intake, preparation session, psilocybin experience and integration sessions. This is a more stringent licensing process than a "guide" or "sitter" which does not have any structure, education and regulation around it. Where does the psilocybin medicine come from? Manufacturers must be licensed and inspected by the state and adhere to their requirements. It's also likely a database and tracking system will be implemented to follow the psilocybin from seed to service center. Together the client and facilitator will determine the dosage which will need to fall within the guideline of OHA. As you can see this program is strictly regulated with a focus on safe, accessible and affordable therapeutic option for those over 21. Please support mental health options in our community and vote "NO" on the Measure 109 opt out in November.   

—Gregg Logan

the people of yes

once in another land, a drifter to no cause, a child to no family

would rise to admiration and mesmerize a nation

and a nation would salve the wounds of their defeat and hollowness

with the promise of a father who would make their country great again

and the father would become a hero

and the hero would become a ruler

and the ruler would become a fuhrer

and the scourge would become a plague

and the people would turn their heads and become the people of yes

and the people would give up their freedom and liberty

all in the name of convenience and expediency

and democracy would wane and the unwanted would perish

and those who complied would prosper and blame the ones of impurity and dissent

and the sound of dissent would be dulled as the fervent cheers would heighten

from the people of yes to their leader

and the truth would be silenced and the chaos would be embraced

all in pursuit of a perfect race for the people of yes

and the sadness prevailed much too long until it consumed itself

let us not be consumed in our land

let we, the people, be the people of no

—Patrick Reynolds

Letter of the Week:
More poetry for the Letter of the Week! Come on in for your gift card to Palate, Patrick. —Nicole Vulcan

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