Letters to the Editor 12/08/2022 | The Source Weekly - Bend, Oregon

Letters to the Editor 12/08/2022

RE: Concealed Carry Laws in Oregon Need to Change. Opinion, 12/1

Your editorial on concealed carry laws is spot on.

There are music venues, bars and other businesses in Austin that post signs telling patrons that they cannot bring their guns inside, concealed carry permit or not. That's deep in the heart of Texas, folks. If they can do it in Austin, businesses can do it here.

Perhaps some local business can take the initiative to print up some signs and solicit some key merchants and venues to join in. Maybe Moms Demand Action can join forces with these local businesses to launch a citywide campaign. Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Bend Business Association can help to spearhead such a campaign.

A few years ago, Out Central Oregon distributed Rainbow "you are welcome here" stickers to businesses and it had a positive impact.

Customers should be able to know before they walk in the door that they are entering a safe zone where they can enjoy food, drink and music without worrying about "gunplay."

—Michael Funke

Letters to the Editor 12/08/2022
Photo courtesy of Luna Exploregon Instagram
We wish we were as cool as these two dogs. Decked out in snow gear, Luna and Ozzie are giving off ultimate shredder energy. Mt. Bachelor and Hoodoo Ski Area opened recently, and this photo encapsulates the vibe we want to have throughout the season — prepared, cool, stoked and ready for anything. Thanks to @luna_exploregon for tagging us in this stellar Aussie photo. Don’t forget to share your photos with us and tag @sourceweekly for a chance to be featured as Instagram of the week and in print as our Lightmeter. Winners receive a free print from @highdesertframeworks.

Survivor Story

A miracle was born on the Steens mountain in the winter of 2018, a beautiful white foal born late in the year with little hope of survival through the harsh winter.

He survived.

Then came a potentially life ending injury.

He survived.

Photographers came from far and wide to view this miracle and he was blessed with the name Survivor by the first to lay eyes on him.

He survived.

For 4 years he grew into a beautiful healthy young colt, his story shared abroad in many countries to be marveled and viewed as a sign of something good in the world.

He survived.

In early September he was rounded up by the BLM.

He did not survive.

Shot by the BLM, culled along with 10 other healthy horses for having light hair, skin and eyes.

Pre-existing health condition was claimed, without any proof or documentation, just the word of an " unpaid veterinarian " who may or may not exist.

The question is who are the BLM?

A) The Government agency given the task of managing and protecting wild horses and burros on federal land, ensuring balance with the natural ecosystem and range land.

B) Livestock (horse) breeders who regularly cull and restock Hma for conformation and color all the while claiming that the overpopulation is due to the public's demand for a complete overhaul of an antiquated inhumane system .



—Teresa Mello

Trump vs. U.S. Constitution

Papa Don has now stated that the U.S. Constitution should be suspended in regard to the 2020 election, which he must think (I use the term lightly) would result in him becoming President-For-Life.

At what point will the Republican Party definitively reject the insane ravings of this megalomaniac? Losing 60 judicial election result challenges didn't do it. Organizing and sending an armed mob to attack the peaceful transfer of executive power didn't do it. Stealing Top Secret documents didn't do it. Cheating on his taxes certainly won't do it. Will blatantly stating that he considers himself superior to our 246-year-old system of government that millions have died to defend finally cause Republicans to follow a different leader? Or will their foaming-at-the-mouth adoration of this obsessively self-focused culture-war bombast outweigh their honor for our nation's history, its bloodshed, its democracy, and its awesome Constitution?

As Papa Don feels his power over people begin to wane, we should expect even more extreme suggestions as he tries to keep himself at the center of political and media attention. Would anyone be all that surprised if he boldly invited generals to support him in a military coup when he loses in 2024?

Trumpist Republicans, please snap out of your six-year hypnotic trance and read up on German history during the 1930s. Don't allow this dangerous nutcase to pull our nation into an Orwellian reality where free elections, legislatures and truth itself no longer exist!

—Eddie Kinnamon

RE: Sheriffs Need to Follow the Laws. All of Them. Opinion, 11/25

So... how does it work if nobody's ready? Do we keep our banned mags or will you buy them back... do concealed carry permits count as a course and prints...WTF. Doesn't seem like ANYONE really knows how this will work except for those who don't own guns...can you please tell us law abiding gun owners how it will work.

—Steve Jackson via bendsource.com

It's this simple. If you don't like the laws in Oregon because you think they are too liberal and too influenced by people in Portland then move to Idaho or Texas or Florida or somewhere like that. It's not going to change. Oregon is and has been for a long time known as a very blue state.

Pitching fits like a two-year-old and basically circumventing the democratic process because you don't agree with something is just plain stupid. These Sheriffs need to be removed from their positions immediately.

— Bob Erickson via bendsource.com

Letter of the Week:

Steve, you bring up some valid points about the confusion. It appears the timeline is going to be delayed now largely due to the concern about the rollout of the permits and the training. Bob, you also bring up a valid point about the rule of law. I hope you both come down and grab your gift cards to Palate... and then maybe go have coffee together.

—Nicole Vulcan

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