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Letters to the Editor 12/2/21

Vets Village Opens, Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Editor's note:

This week we roll out Part One of our two-part Gift Guide, where we share some ideas for gifts you can buy right here on the local scene. Our feature pages (pages 10, 11 and 13) display some of the many gifts locals can find on the Bend Marketplace—a one-stop online shop for local goods. Later in the issue, our Sound section features books about music, available at local bookstores, followed by recommendations for holiday cookbooks in the Chow section, hot outdoor gear items from local gear shops on the Outside page, and finally, a roundup of drink recipes and the accompanying (and locally made) spirits that go with them on the Craft page. If that's not enough, pick up a copy of the Source Weekly again next week, when we have even more gift ideas. We know it's easy to tap-tap your way into a mountain of random Amazonian gifts this season, but we like to think we're giving you a very viable local alternative. Have a great week!

Correction: The 11/18 opinion piece, "This Time, California Really is to Blame," stated that Oregon voters approved a 2019 measure to stay in daylight saving time. It was the Oregon legislature that approved the move to stay in daylight saving time, not Oregon voters. We regret the error.

RE: Vets Village Opens News, 11/18

I was glad to read about the Central Oregon Veterans Village, because a lot of veterans don't get the recognition they deserve. I am part of a Boy Scout Troop in Bend, and we show our respect to those who served in the military by putting flags out on Memorial Day, flag raising at a nursing home, and walking in the Veterans Day Parade. Each year we have a speaker who is a veteran at one of our weekly meetings. Three weeks ago, our speaker talked about how hard it was to train. I learned a lot about the commitment it takes to be in the military. I would like to thank the organizations that support our local veterans.

—Arthur Yenowine

RE: Roads, Bridges, Water and Broadband Were on the Line. Bentz Voted No. But Why? Opinion, 11/11

During the violence and death that marked the Jan. 6 Insurrection, Bentz managed to find a safe place for himself and his staff of legal scholars to adjudicate the Constitutionality of Biden's win in Pennsylvania, when it had already been affirmed by multiple Federal court rulings—even by Trump-appointed judges. Though claiming to be oblivious to the terror occurring in the same building where he was holed up, he managed on his own to accomplish one of the goals of the mob: Delay certification of the election.

Shall we also cite obliviousness as the reason Bentz failed to exercise personal courage to vote for a bill that would have helped his constituents? When—inevitably—he casts a No vote on Build Back Better, legislation which could immeasurably help the people in his district, will he claim that his old habit of personal obliviousness prevented him from knowing that overall and child poverty rates in his District exceed the national average?

RE: Baby, You Can Drive My Car Screen, 11/25

Great review. I have seen the film and couldn't agree more on all of it. You captured the tone and cinematic vibe perfectly. Like you said not everyone should see Titane and I wouldn't normally have been one of them. I am happy I gave it a shot.

—Abby Caram via bendsource.com

RE: Bend's Biggest Venue Gets a New Name 11/18

What's in a name? That which we call a venue by any other name would look as brutish.

—Geoff Reynolds via bendsource.com

RE: New Parking Rules in Old Bend 11/25

I recently listened to an interview with Mr Marx, our new Parking Czar, he's only lived here two years and seems to have the opinion all his parking changes are wonderful - far from it, especially for those that work Downtown ... Bend could have done better.

—Jane Loveday via bendsource.com

RE: A "Mix Tape" of Beloved Musicians Culture, 11/18

Erik! So happy to see this amazing work. You are one of the most imaginative, passionate, talented and prolific artists we know, and we are truly proud and gifted to know you. Missing you at Mt. Bachelor!

—Susan Foster via facebook.com

Letters to the Editor 12/2/21
As December comes in hot, and Mt. Bachelor pushes its opening day back, snow enthusiasts are starting to get a bit antsy for the upcoming season. In excitement for snow, @austinbsmith shared this sick photo of a snowboarder catching some big air during a past season!

Letter of the Week:

Thanks for the kind words, Susan. When I conducted the interview for that story, mural artist Erik Hoogen—who, after many years doing art and snowboarding in Bend, now spends his time here only part-time— pointed out that he'd never been featured in the Source Weekly, and I was glad that we could remedy that situation with the story about his incredible mural at Silver Moon. I'm doubly happy that it's giving him recognition from people such as yourself! Come on by for your gift card to Palate.

—Nicole Vulcan

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