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Letters to the Editor 4/5/20

Continued bookings at local Airbnbs, neighbors having parties and more in this week's Letters

Our print issue won't be back til May 20, but 'til then, Source readers continue to weigh in on issues that are important to them.

Here are the recent Letters to the Editor.

Ignorance is Deadly, 4/5

First of all, thanks to the Source for continuing to provide quality news and information for our community in Central Oregon.  Even more kudos and thanks to our healthcare workers and first responders.

I just finished an article where I learned that COVD19 tests are not given to people, unless they meet the criteria of 65 years or older with underlying health conditions.  Simply, because we do not have enough tests for the residents of Deschutes County. That is a scary fact, especially when so many people are not following the Stay-at-Home guidelines in the Bend area. 

Yesterday, my next door neighbor must have thrown a party.  I noticed 4 parked cars in front of their house throughout the day and night.  I recognized the cars belonging to friends of their grown children.  I could only assume that it must have been someone's birthday party, which included a hot tub party on the edge of our property line less than 15 away from my house.  Late in the day, a few of them left the house to go for a walk, without masks.  I was appalled that they are not practicing the Stay-at-Home guidelines.  They deserve the A—-Hole Award and clearly stand in defiant ignorance with 8 other backward states.  They are conservative religious radicals and probably Trump supporters.  They fit the bill.  To make it even more unbelievable, the "mother" of 5 grown children, all living at home, is a nurse.

Ignorance is not bliss in their case.  Ignorance is deadly and they flaunted it right in front of all their surrounding neighbors.  Shame on them!

-Brenda Reid

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Tamara Houston
Reader Tamara Houston sent this in, showing her Poem of the Day on her neighborhood tree, and wondered what other messages people might be sharing out there. (Hint: check out the next letter, discussing the sign at Azura salon.) The poem is Rumi's "Let's Go Home."

Positive messages from local businesses  4/5

Just walked by Azura salon downtown. Their window art is amazing!! The only business I saw downtown that had a positive message for our community. Id like to give them a shout out for starting this. It totally made my day as ive been pretty stressed. Hopefully others will follow their lead! Way to go!!

-Melissa Schuler

All Hands on deck to Deal with COVID-19, 4/2

Even now that President Trump has finally acknowledged the seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak, his administration is devoting insufficient consideration to testing. Early comprehensive testing would have allowed researchers to understand how the virus spreads and could have curtailed the spread. A coordinated national response would have lessened the need for current stringent measures and the resulting dire impact on the economy.

To this day, insufficient kits are available to test any but the already seriously ill. Despite urgent pleas from governors and mayors, Trump is avoiding use of the Defense Production Act to order private companies to produce testing kits and vital protective equipment because corporate CEOs object and Trump doesn’t want to blunt his anti-socialism election strategy. Congress needs to intervene, and now. They need to return to work and demand the production of protective equipment and sufficient testing kits to effectively deal with this crisis.
-Mary Chaffin

AirBnB, 3/30

My daughter (who grew up and went to school in Bend) started working for United Airlines. Yesterday they called to send her to Tokyo on an empty plane to evacuate Americans. She was frightened to come back on a jam packed plane fleeing covid, since they do not want them wearing masks.

I am not sure if she was exposed so I thought I would get an AirBnB for her. As I opened the listings I could see all the ratings from 2-4 people who stayed in March to visit friends and community. And April is booking on almost each one. The Washington Post has an article today on the new migration. “Where we live may never be the same again."

My neighbor is a nurse says they have eight suspected covid cases and more coming thru the door. I asked how many from out of town but she won’t say, but did say it was a good question for the news to ask. I know it is easy to close the hotels but these AirBnB s are doing great business from Seattle and Bay Area. I have a friend who is a real estate agent fielding calls from people buying properties here as an escape.

-Pamela Deane

School District Construction, 3/24

The school district has closed the schools, yet construction on the new high school at SE 15th & Knott carries on. Hundreds of workers driving around in pickups together, working side by side...no bathrooms/running water to adequately wash hands before they eat lunch or whatever. Then all those dads and moms go home at night to their families, many of which have to be homes with the school children told to stay home. It seems like such a co-opting of the efforts to reduce spread. Because they're building a school, not a hospital. Construction company is Taylor NW. I live in the neighborhood next door and we've called school district to cite our concern.

- Rebecca Hynes

Coronavirus Poem 3/17

Like many, I'm at home social distancing myself from the rest of community in Bend. During this time, I've started writing letters to friends near and far with the attached poem. I wanted to share with you in case you would like to share it with the rest of Bend in the source. Trying to use this time to start positive and keep spirits lifted.

During this time of isolation and the unknown,
Despite the social distancing, know you’re not alone.
Take this time for yourself, make the most of your quarantine
Here are my tips to pass the time while you’re not being seen.

Immerse yourself in a puzzle or a really good book,
Try on a new outfit to experiment with a new look.
Get into yoga, make sure to move your body,
And pick up the phone to actually call somebody.

Explore new music, find a new favorite song,
Then turn the volume all the way up and dance along.
Clean out your closet, do that chore you’ve been putting off,
And try not to get paranoid every time you cough.

Listen to a new podcast (that’s not about COVID-19)
Learn about space or elephants or Mexican jumping beans.
Check in with the news, but don’t always leave it on,
Do some online shopping and buy essentials from Amazon.

Binge a new TV show – I hear Game of Thrones is good,
Try some new recipes, a perfect time to experiment with food.
Do some arts and crafts, try making some collage art,
Reconnect with the things that warm up your heart.

Take time to write a friend a letter,
Chances are it’ll make you both feel better.
Be patient, be kind – to yourself and to others
And don’t forget to check in with your mothers.

Get outside – walks and bike rides are still allowed,
Bask in the sun and find shapes up in the clouds.
Find a new trail you’ve never taken before,
There’s always more nature left to explore.

Help out your neighbors and check on those older than you,
Be smart and responsible and respect any curfews.
It's time to come together and fight this thing once and for all,
And it’s going to take more than washing hands and Lysol.

If you get stressed or sad or anxious or scared,
Wondering what will happen or if you’re prepared,
Don’t you worry – I’m always here for you,
I might be far, but I’m just social distancing like they told me to!

-Annie Fodor

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Nicole Vulcan has been editor of the Source since 2016. While the pandemic reduced "hobbies" to "aspirations," you can mostly find her raising chickens, walking dogs, riding all the bikes and attempting to turn a high desert scrap of land into a permaculture oasis. (Progress: slow.)
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