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Letters to the Editor 5/6/21

An Open Letter to Gov. Kate Brown, Requesting your vote and more

Editor's note:

It happens every time: The Source Weekly staff and I spend countless hours poring over the listings for restaurants in Bend, Redmond, Sisters and beyond—and as a result, we get endlessly hungry to try all the places we'd forgotten about since the last time we put out a Restaurant Guide (or Happy Hour Guide, or, this year, a Takeout Guide). But that's the beauty of the guide found inside this issue: Not only do you get to read about the reasons our team has selected the Restaurant of the Year and so on—but you also get a handy printed-out reminder of the places that have dropped off, or are not yet on your radar.

Letters to the Editor 5/6/21
Courtesy Marguerite Lee
Local pup Kenai Lee knows where to go to catch the best political coverage! Thanks to Marguerite Lee for sending in this photo featuring last week's issue. Tag us @sourceweekly for a chance to be featured here and in the Instagram of the Week in the Cascades Reader.

This year you'll find lots of new carts and even a few brick-and-mortars on the scene. Sadly, some beloved places have also closed—which is a reminder that even while COVID restrictions see indoor dining closed, our local businesses need our support. So read on, and buen provecho!

An Open Letter to Gov. Kate Brown

I am writing to express my disappointment with the leadership of this office in regards to the COVID pandemic. This most recent movement to Extreme Risk as numbers are dropping nationwide and more and more people are becoming vaccinated every day seems to show a contempt for the very people being governed. I am not in the restaurant industry, but I know people who are, and I am literally watching as their lives are being upended and destroyed by policy which is making less sense every day. Hiring and then laying off people every other month is untenable and affects so many people's lives. Like most cogent people, I truly believe that the pandemic is real, vaccinations are important and caution is warranted. However, I hope that common sense and a sensitivity in consideration of these people's lives will inform present and future policy.

We all need to get vaccinated, wear masks for now AND open things up to a return to normal life and restore these industries that are so negatively impacted before we end up in a far worse economic situation that will also negatively impact the health and well-being of all of us. 

Thank you for listening and with respect,

— Matt Gobeille

Requesting your vote

I request your vote for Bend Park and Recreation Board Position 4.

I deeply care about our community and would like to contribute more directly as a Board member.

My priorities are:

·Completing river trails and expanding Bend's trail network

·Creating future parks in underserved neighborhoods

·Maintaining the diversity of programs

·Serving all population groups 

·Increasing native vegetation in parks 

·Installing fish passage through Mirror Pond dam

My dedication over 19 years here includes:

·Regularly advocating for parks, trails, facilities, and recreation programs;

·Assisting with the acquisition and planning of 4 parks (Orchard, Canal Row, Goodrich and Miller Landing);

·Serving on a Park & Recreation Citizen Advisory Committee; and

·Working with school principals & state parks on access to Pilot Butte.

Further, I have served our community by serving on city committees including urban growth boundary expansion, urban renewal district, transportation, and historic landmarks commission. I am on the Soil & Water Conservation District Board. I was 10 years on the Orchard Neighborhood Board. I volunteer at the Tower Theatre, with the Deschutes Land Trust, East Cascades Audubon, and Habitat for Humanity.

I worked 39 years for the U.S. Forest Service and Fish & Wildlife Service as forester, ecologist, wildlife biologist, and manager in seven states. I have Master's degrees in Natural Resources. I coached youth soccer for 7 years in Minnesota. I immigrated from India when 13.

I am endorsed by the Oregon League of Conservation Voters and Central Oregon Labor Chapter.

Thank you for considering me.

—Robin Vora

Why I am voting for Marcus LeGrand for Bend La Pine School District Zone 2

Whether we have students in Bend-La Pine School district or not this election is important. It is important for the future of our community health and for the communities our students will move to. Equity and inclusion are imperative to all students success in our schools. We should uplift and support black leaders like Marcus who are actively already doing this work. I am grateful Marcus has offered us more of his time, energy, and expertise. Thank you for giving us this opportunity Marcus to vote for you. Representation matters and I trust Marcus to help fix the problems our school district struggles with, in part due to lack of representation. How can we help all students thrive when all students do not see themselves reflected in leadership? As Marcus says - let's grow together. Please join me in voting for Marcus LeGrand May 18th.

—Renee Goin

RE: Bill Would Provide Funds for Mobile Mental Health Crisis Assessment Teams News, 4/22

This has been long overdue and is badly needed in every community. It's time mental health problems are finally given the serious attention they deserve. Our mental health and well-being are equally as important as our physical health. The boon to all of this is providing trained and skilled personnel in the field who understand someone in a mental health crisis. Thank you Oregon for stepping up and taking care of your people.

—Sonja Wernke via bendsource.com

RE: In a Housing Crisis, Put the Focus Back on Locals Opinion, 4/22

As is so often the case — before we pass new laws, we should enforce the ones already in place. Unpermitted short-term rentals would be so easy to spot if the city actually wanted to find them. Airbnb sends the tax remittance *directly* to the city, and each tax payment is associated with the address. The city simply needs to cross reference the STR-permitted addresses with the tax remittances and they'd immediately know where the unpermitted rentals are occurring.

As it stands, it is up to neighbors to make a complaint, which obviously is not working (do you want to be the one to ruin the relationship with your neighbor?).

But does the city really want to cut off this lucrative trade? 10% of every Airbnb stay goes straight to them!

(Also - remember there is a current "concentration limit" wherein no new STR permit can be issued when there is another STR permit within 250 feet in any direction. Those grandfathered in before that are the only exception.)

—John Ryan

Letter of the Week:

John: Thanks for your ideas. Come on by for your gift card to Palate!

—Nicole Vulcan

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