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In response to Transportation Consciousness Shift, 2/01

John Tarentino accepts the "inevitable influx" of more people, but says that more cars and more roads are "unsustainable." He has this turned around. It is the continuation of an increasing number of people that is unsustainable. Getting people out of their cars will only help in the short term. That there are too many people is the root of many of our problems.

—Dick Harris

Shame on US

I feel it is time to stop calling our fearless leader "different." I believe it lowers the bar and expectations we should have in a president. I suggest we call Trump what he is:

1. Racially Bias

2. Insulting

3. Desperate for approval

4. Uncontrollable difficulty with the truth—deceitful

5. Minimizes others' efforts and glorifies his own

6. Revengeful

7. Tactless

8. Reactionary and spontaneous

If these were totaled one would have to judge that this individual lacks empathy, is classless and childish.

Question, would you include a person with the above characteristics among your circle of friends? Or as your leader?

I wouldn't!

—Chuck Chamberlain

Robert Porter/Trump

Really, how did the charges of domestic abuse charges get overlooked/missed/ignored? AND on top of that he did not pass security clearance and yet still was given a position on the Trump administration??? 

As a former county employee, and employee in other counties, and through the years applying for positions for the state, if anything comes up from previous charges, allegations, restraining orders or even driving violations—I would not get a job, let alone an interview for a job. 

GEEZ, Trump administration has apparently different rules for hiring?? How stupid can you be? I don't accept your "we didn't know." So much for your "VETTING" process on behalf of your staff. You are so concerned about the vetting process for those coming into our country, let alone those who have been here and want to stay. 

Again, things simply stink in the White House.

—Mary Fleischmann

Blue Recycle Bins

The people of Bend should be kept informed as to what happens to the contents of our blue recycle bins. National news these past few weeks has been running stories regarding the changing market for the United States' recyclable material. Specifically, China's unwillingness to continue to purchase our material, citing the poor quality of sorting as the main reason. Apparently, without China as a buyer, much of our recyclables now end up with the rest of the trash in landfills.  If this is the case with Bend's recyclables, several questions come to mind:  1. Am I wasting time and water rinsing out plastic containers?  2. Is the removing of lids and screw tops from bottles, jars, etc. also a waste of time, because it all just ends up in the same place anyway?  3. Is the backbreaking humping of the glass bin out to the street more of a punishment for my excessive beer and wine drinking and less of an exercise in environmental responsibility? 

If the cost to sort through the recyclables is high, and the price for the recyclable material is low, it would be difficult to blame the disposal company for landfilling much (or all) of it. Furthermore, I can imagine that the price for the glass, plastic, paper, etc. fluctuates, and I can hardly expect the disposal company to keep us informed as to what exactly they are doing with whatever material that month.  However, if it is true that the blue bin is basically getting cherry picked for aluminum cans (guessing), and the lion's share of it is getting thrown out with the rest of the trash, then we are being done a great disservice. Knowing where our consumer waste is ending up is an important part of attempting to make informed consumer decisions. For example, many of us might make less internet purchases if we can't be certain that the cardboard box(es) they come in aren't getting recycled.  Again, I don't think the blame lies with the disposal company necessarily.  Have you looked into a blue bin lately:  gum wrappers, packing peanuts, fluorescent light bulbs...the "recycling public" seems to be stuck on stupid when it comes to making decisions about what is recyclable.  In places like Sweden, their 100% rate of recycling means they have to import trash to burn in their electrical generation incineration facilities.  If our rate of recycling is at 0 percent, or near zero, we should at least all be well aware of that. Knowledge is power, as they say.  

—Eric Schweitzer

In response to Bridge Battle Part Deux, 1/25

How is it that a section of our river can be called 'wild and scenic' when the only thing 'wild' about it is the idea that it is at times irrigated out down to a Deschutes Creek and the only thing 'scenic' is the ob-scenic practice of inviting the wealthy to continue building their mansions along it?? The impact of a footbridge would be minimal in comparison.

—Joy Newhart

Letter of the Week

Joy, we're still trying to figure that one our ourselves. See this week's Opinion, and then come on in for your gift card to Palate!

— Nicole Vulcan, Editor

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