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Free range cats, why a gun? and a river of IPA

Correction: In the 3/8 story, "Grow Woes," the percentage of people who supported legalization in the rural parts of the county was misstated. The correct figure: 47 percent supported legalization, not 47 percent opposed. We regret the error.

In response to "Why A Gun?" (Letters) on 3/8

Winchel is an idiot !!

Trying to re interpret the bill of rights to suit your own personal beliefs is the same as twisting someone else's words around to favor your point of view!! Assuming you know that the bill of rights does not apply to modern society because a musket used in the revolution is so much different from a modern gun never to be used in a fight for "independence" shows how closed minded a person can be ... like there are no wars going on anywhere in the world ... like no one in America is being shot by professional criminals ... or criminals don't shoot other people in the perfect world that winchel lives in !! He shows his true stupidity by claiming the NRA benefits from the proliferation of arms ... a non profit support group does not benefit you dummass !! The firearms manufacturers are the ones who benefit !!!

—Ester Iscke, via Facebook

The Second Amendment shall continue to serve its purpose. To allow citizens to be able to have a gun and protect themselves. The criminals will always have guns, law-abiding citizens are allowed to have guns themselves to protect themselves against the criminals. And you apparently don't know a lot of people that hunt for their meat do you? You honestly think people who hunt don't work? And I agree with Ester, you are an idiot.

—Lorraine Burnett Cimino, via Facebook

In response to "A River of IPA" on 3/8

Riverbend had a wonderful dark bourbon barrel cask beer a couple years ago that was amazing!

Let's have more porters and reds and ambers please!

I don't want beer that is sour like grapefruit, darn it.

—Jenny Riley, via Facebook

The Wrong Take-away: In response to Protesting an Apartment Complex is Energy Best Used Elsewhere (Opinion), 3/8

I was among dozens of neighborhood residents who recently attended the one hour Q/A session hosted by Evergreen Housing about their upcoming construction of a 187 unit, four story apartment complex. Admittedly, I was among the most vocal opponents of the plan but not for any of the reasons your Opinion section highlighted. In fact, of the dozens of neighborhood residents who expressed concerns, virtually none voiced NIMBY protests about the apartment complex itself. 

Instead, the majority of neighborhood stakeholders were advocating on behalf of the entire Bend community about the poorly planned/zoned relationship between the number of cars that will be introduced to an already tight and vital transportation corridor. Contrary to your portrayal of the neighborhood residents harassing a developer for the apartments, we were collectively challenging the wisdom of zoning and development policies that encourage and accelerate private development over the infrastructure development needed to absorb thousands of new cars in Bend. 

Your Opinion letter was filled with dog whistle rhetoric about NIMBY-ism, respect for private property and West Side entitlement. My sense of the event was very different. I left feeling respect and appreciation for one group of Bend residents advocating on behalf of the entire community's concern about the asymmetric relationship between private and public investment in how Bend grows. I suspect that regardless of where you live in Bend, if you're in your in a car 24-36 months from now anywhere around the Colorado River Bridge and proximate roundabouts, you are going to have plenty of time to reflect on this debate. 

—Will Warne

Will: Thanks for sharing your perspective. I have to respectfully disagree, however, and say that an empty lot in that very central part of town is absolutely best used for this type of development, and it should be welcomed. Given its location, I'll wager that a portion of those new residents will use the sidewalks and bike lanes—yes, existing infrastructure—for at least some of their trips—likely moreso than the people using the new hotels popping up in the area. With several grocery stores, recreation and other amenities within walking distance, I can think of nowhere else in Bend so ripe for more infill housing. And to be clear, readers, we're not talking about "thousands" of cars. It's an apartment complex of 170 to 180 units. Will, come on in for your gift card to Palate.

—­ Nicole Vulcan, Editor

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