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Letters to the Editor
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Nothing Idle about idling

Idling in traffic is one thing. Idling without actually going anywhere is another. More and more in Bend, I see people sitting in their running cars, doodling around on their phones (or in one case, filing her nails). In winter it's for the heater, and now as it gets increasingly hotter, it's for the air con. Do these people understand what they are doing to the climate, to our air quality and the environment with more drilling for oil? It's getting hotter for a reason! Please, say something if you see this behavior—you have every right to since we live on one planet. And if you're the one doing it, turn your car off or open a window or drive to your destination and get out!

—Vanessa Schulz

In response to, "The Bend Hum: Hwy97, Trains? Industrial?" on 7/26

Yes Josh Alexander. We hear it too and have tried to figure it out. We live out in Boyd Acres too and feel like sounds really echo out here and I do believe the basalt transmitter idea is right on.

I heard it too when we lived on Shepard Rd.

Thank you for interesting story and thoughts on this.

—Steve & Nancy Scott

In response to, "Sen. Ron Wyden pledges to defend women's reproductive rights at Planned Parenthood press conference in Bend," on 7/30 at Bendsource.com

He speaks a good line but suggest you check out his net worth, yearly income and campaign donors on open secrets.

—Kathleen Roche, via Facebook

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