Letters to the Editor: August 7-14 | The Source Weekly - Bend, Oregon

Letters to the Editor: August 7-14

Readers react to "Us vs Them" mentality

In Response to, We've Hit Peak "Us vs. Them" Ire. Is This Who We Want to Be? (08/09)

Nope. It's starts at home. Parents talk in private or on social media and kids act out the aggression. My hometown of South Portland, Maine, I went through this twice. I lived on Maui and they're always going through it. This is not a problem unique to Bend as many think. How we deal with it reflects how our children deal with it.

— Matthew Bryant, via facebook.com

I lived in Sedona, AZ, for 30 years, before I moved to Bend in 1990. Same thing in Sedona. More people, bigger impact. I actually think Bend has done a much better job of dealing with the growth then Sedona does, far from perfect, but I love Bend and love living here.

— William Van Buskirk, via facebook.com

Alas, it is pissing in the wind—how you equate the longer you or your family has lived here makes you somehow superior, smarter and more entitled to reside here is baffling. Yes, we want it to go back the way it used to be. A dying mill town with horrid pass through traffic on the city's busiest road. Well if that's what you want I'm sure Burns would love to have you move there.

— Jim Roberts, via facebook.com

Let's start this rant with an old classic "Oust the current Bend City Council," and find a way to stop $1,200 - $1,600 a month for just an apartment! Acknowledge we have a problem and people will stop acting out! This is much more than US vs Them rhetoric. It stems from a very classic and long-term issue.

We have Bend Bully aka BendBroadband and for some reason they are still a company, still allowed to screw us, and still allowed to laugh it off? We have City of Bend, Oregon Government that gets called out regularly yet still somehow finds ways to ignore the problems. We have the The Bulletin that moved to a bigger location and forgot about where they came from. And, then there's you; The Source Weekly!

You wanted to know how the "Us" feel about having our Butte vandalized? Well, I am pretty sure we all said the same thing as I, and many others have unanimously cried to you about. The squeeze is on, and we're not very excited about it if you haven't noticed? It is the media that can help to put the pressure on the City Council to start taking notice about Central Oregon's needs!

Yes, this is not just a Bend problem anymore! Bend is the root of all of Central Oregon's Housing and traffic problems! You have to now "get lucky" in Redmond in order to find an affordable roof over one's head! In Prineville, they do not even have enough housing to accommodate its own population and Madras, well Madras is still pretty much the same, except next week when it will have a human army of eclipse goers!

But to get to the point here, KTVZ, Zolo Media, and every other form of traditional media needs to put the screws to city officials across Central Oregon and get out on the road and ask a single parent making what was once a good wage how they are making it? It seems redundant and whiny but it actually might set a precedent, and help to make a positive drive towards helping to levy the burden of what we are ALL dealing with!

Shit, go ask a wealthy transplant from Kali-For-I how they see Bend now since they caused the price increases! Ask them if they would like to start pumping their own gas, cooking their own food, cleaning their own houses, mowing their own lawns, and painting their pretentious wives nails! Bend is not Lake Tahoe, but it sure seems like it is these days! You know The Source Weekly, I seem to get very very passionate about posts about our region's little problem, yet every time I whine I wonder if it helps just like they say "Just the Sip." Just enough to see how it tastes! I wonder if words actually get through? I wonder when enough is enough? I really do wonder if anyone cares?

Two jobs, 3 kids, a single dad, and I still find time to spread my passion about wanting my region to care about its inhabitants!!! Go figure! I expect no more than a pass by this rant from all I called out because......that is the status quo! What's next? The public will start doing the interviews the traditional media has failed to produce! We the people of Central Oregon will bring to light our issues with the status quo..... Did the region's leaders think they could hide from a person not being able to afford a frigging basic necessity, A ROOF OVER OUR HEADS?

Moreover, to whom ever defaced our public property......... Stop! That is not how you get their attention! Forming a group of like minded individuals and sending letters to those that will listen is the way to communicate our gripes! Peace out!!!!!

— Jesse Mark Sweetman, via facebook.com

Thank You for Affordable Housing

A public thank you, Housing Works, for designing and constructing 53 beautiful affordable housing units in our northeast Bend neighborhood. Many of us have watched the construction of these townhouses, located across from Ensworth School and Al Moody Park. We are happy to welcome such beautiful design, landscaping and general attention to quality. It is a joy to know that families will have the privilege of living in affordable housing with nearby amenities.

— Janet Whitney


Janet—Some people like to adopt a NIMBY attitude about sorely-needed affordable housing projects in their neighborhoods—even creating petitions to stop them. Thanks for not being that person. Come on in for your $5 gift card to Palate!

— Nicole Vulcan, Editor

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